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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Samsung is gifting free Galaxy Note 8 to fliers, keep eyes open next time you are in plane !!

Samsung is gifting a free Galaxy Note 8, its flagship phone that costs Rs 67,900 in India, to people during flights. At least that is what the company did a few days ago in Spain when it handed out free Note 8 to all 200 passengers in a plane.!!

 It was part of Samsung's current promotion, which the company was doing in partnership with Iberia airlines in Spain and it still left the people who got the device all surprised, amused and -- in most instances -- extremely happy. They had an ear-to-ear grin as Samsung gave its latest and greatest phone to them for free.

So just why Samsung is offering an expensive phone like the Note 8 free to people? Well, it wants to build the trust with consumers, especially the people who fly, after that trust went up in smoke during the Note 7 debacle.

Samsung is giving away free Note 8 to people with a message that says, "A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board."

Well, good for people who were on that Iberia flight between Madrid and A Coruna. But what about everyone else? Will some lucky people on some lucky flight in India too will end up with the free Galaxy Note 8 gift from Samsung?

Now, it is unfair for everyone to expect a free Note 8 from Samsung. It is an expensive phones and Samsung surely can't afford to give away millions or even thousands of these phones, not especially after it had to scrap millions of Note 7 devices and write off several billion dollars from its balance sheet. But the company is serious about telling the world that the Note 8 is different from Note 7, that it is perfectly safe and that Samsung cares. 

The best way to say it, as the lit faces of the passengers on the Iberia flight showed, is to offer the free gift.
In India too the Note 7 was recalled. Basically, it didn't exactly reach people's hands. It was launched in India but before the shipping to consumers could start, reports of battery issues with it surfaced and then Samsung paused everything. 
Some shopkeepers though had got it. These units were later recalled. And just for precaution the flights regulator in India had banned the Note 7 from planes.
It is also important to note that Samsung giving away the Note 8 devices was done after the company kick-off a campaign with Iberia. For now, there is no such campaign going on with any Indian airline. But that also doesn't rule out that there won't be such a campaign. May be Samsung will do something similar to what it did with Iberia in India. May be next time you take a flight with Air India from Delhi to Mumbai, you will also get a free Galaxy Note 8.

 Samsung is known for its extravagant ways, in good way, so do keep your eyes open next time you are flying.!!

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