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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Canada ne gathbandhanv se baahar karane ke lie koyle ko lonch kiya.

Canada and Britain are launching a new alliance aimed at encouraging countries to phase out the use of coal as part of efforts to curb climate change. Global Alliance to Power Past Coal is being unveiled on November 16 at an international climate meeting in Bonn.

Coal fuelled power stations are considered one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide that’s heating up the Earth’s atmosphere, countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the United States are planning to expand its use in the coming years. Even Germany and Poland, hosts of climate talks in 2017 and 2018, are holding onto coal for the foreseable future.

new anti-coal alliance is expected to include  France, Finland, Mexico, New Zealand,itali and several U.S. states committed to the Paris climate accord.

 Norway’s biggest private pension provider, says it divested from companies including German energy company RWE, Poland’s PGE and Eskom Holdings of South Africa.

A Norwegian investment fund that manages assets worth over $80 billion is pulling investments from 10 companies over their involvement in the coal sector.

chief executive, Jan Erik Saugested, said on November 16 the decision is meant as a warning to utility companies to,

 “clean up” their energy sources “or lose customers and investors”.

The much larger Norwegian Sovereign Wealth fund, which holds $1 trillion generated from the country’s sale of oil, will follow its divestment decision.

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