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Sunday, 20 May 2018

New feature from WhatsApp lets know about it..

WhatsApp has  confirmed that a group video calling feature will be rolling out later this year, and it looks like beta-testing for same appears to have gone live for some users.

 WhatsApp iOS build 2.18.52 and Android beta version 2.18.145+ seem to have the group calls feature live, but this is limited to a select few users and not everyone will see it live yet.

This appears to be a limited roll out and only a select few will see the feature, even if they are on the correct build of WhatsApp, be it on iOS or Android.

So how can a user check if WhatsApp Group video calling is live for them? 

-}  Just do a normal call and check if a new button appears which has the option for “Add participant”. If it does, users will be able to add others to the video call. 

We could not see the group video calling feature live on either iOS or the Android beta version on our phones.

Given this appears to be a limited rollout, it will take some time to appear for most users. 

WhatsApp group call feature will allow four participants in the call, this including the person who starts the call..

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