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Friday, 3 July 2020

Big news for parents: If it does, the government will sign off again

This is backing news

Deliver this post to more people and this news is very important for the people and this latest news has come and this is also a very important news for the people who are fond of Panmasala.

Now the news has come and you will be informed about when this ban will come. Here you will be given very important information of the government.

The government has decided to close the Panmasala shop in Surat as the number of Corona cases has increased.

In Surat, where there is more case of Corona, the private shop will be closed for five months and it is very important for people to keep social distance in this epidemic.

Help each other This epidemic and all of them are facing this tax virus Gujarat Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi is currently on a visit to Surat, and today Jayanti Ravi has made a big statement about Corona Hospital, which will allow corona positive people to be admitted there and Suffering patients are treated. At present the government is managing Corona Hospital but at present the government should take steps so that people do not get corona and people stay safe.

The government is trying very hard to get it together and get rid of these corona country information and free the corona country.

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