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Sunday, 19 July 2020


    Coronavirus is on the rise and the government is working hard to stop it and the government's rule should be followed.

        Here we have all the information about today's Coronavirus cache and below you will find this information very useful and you will also share this information with other people and every day here you will have an increase and decrease in Corona cache.
          Here you will find the live update You will find here the new rules of Corona Here this information is true and below we have given you live information in the link and such information you will find here
            Here you will find daily news and you will get any backing news of the country fast
              Here you have to remember the rules of the government and get out of the house as little as you can and you have to do any more necessary work to get out of the house and the government cannot save everyone and you have to keep your septic.
              You will find live information in the link below and you will be updated in 1-1 minutes.

              You see the increase in corona day by day cache and you see the increase in this cache you see here you have to hang on and get rid of the coronavirus altogether.

              Rejo helping people in this corona epidemic and hope you don't get a chance to earn this Punya and this corona epidemic will go away soon.

              A lockdown has been imposed in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka till July 23. However, in the meantime, exemptions have been granted from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

              Corona cases have been reported in districts of the state many times more than in other districts. 1 thousand to 5 thousand cases have been reported in Gandhinagar and Vadodara districts. While more than 5 thousand cases have been reported in 2 districts. Which includes Surat and Ahmedabad districts.

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