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Friday, 3 July 2020

The world's first gold hotel, just gold wherever you look! One night's rent is enough to get a loan to stay here

The first gold hotel has arrived yesterday and everything in this hotel is made of gold such as plate for eating, doors, gold faucet for washing hands, gold bathroom for new and there are windows and doors made of gold.

The world's first gold hotel has opened in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Doors, cups, tables, windows, taps, washrooms, utensils are all made of gold. The hotel opened on Thursday, July 2. The name of the hotel is Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake. Everything from the gate to the coffee cup in this hotel is made of gold.

This is a five star hotel. Which is built of 25 floors. The hotel has 400 rooms. The exterior walls of the hotel are made of about 54 thousand square feet of gold plated tiles.

The dress code of the hotel staff has also been kept red and golden. Furniture in the lobby and everything else has gold workmanship.

Everything from the bathtub, sink, shower to the washroom is golden. The bedroom also has gold plating on the furniture and every item.

Infinity bridges have been built over the roof. Beautiful views of Hanoi city can be seen from here. The roof walls are also covered with gold plated bricks.

On the first day, the guests showed their interest in it. Its walls and shower are also gold plated. Many people were seen taking beautiful pictures of themselves here.

Construction of the hotel began in 2009. Flats have also been built on the top floor of the hotel. If someone wants to buy flats for themselves, they can do so.

The hotel has been named the most luxury hotel in South-East Asia. It is jointly produced by Hoa Bin Group and Windham Group. The two are managing 2 super 6 star hotels together.

It is said that gold helps reduce your stress. So you can relax. That is why gold plating has been used so much in hotels.

The rent for a one night stay in a double bedroom suite is around 75 thousand rupees. The starting rent of the hotel rooms there is about 20 thousand rupees. There are 6 types of rooms. There are also 6 types of suites. The price of the presidential suite is Rs 4.85 lakh per night.

The hotel also has a gaming club which is open 24 hours a day. Here are games like casino and poker. Here you can also earn money after winning.

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