First person / I was screaming in front of my eyes, a young man was burning in the middle of the fire, there was a terrible atmosphere all around

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CREDIT HOSPITAL FIRE LIVE / 8 corona patients killed in fire at 3 pm

Ahmedabad. Bhavinbhai, who lives in the Paldi area, was in the hospital's COVID ward at the time of the tragedy. He and his family were able to get out of the fire with a blanket. He said he was crying. "I couldn't save anyone," he lamented.

The four patients came out with a blanket between the dustbins
I, my brother-in-law, my nephew, and Ben all four were admitted to the hospital for treatment and at midnight I saw a young man running in front of my eyes when a fire broke out and to save my brother-in-law Ben we all went out in the dark with a blanket of dust. We are currently admitted to SVP Hospital.

I was watching the web series: Patient because I couldn't sleep
Bhavinbhai, a corona patient who survived the fire at Shreya Hospital in Ahmedabad, has been shifted to SVP Hospital.

 "For the last four days, my Ben Banevi and four of my nephews have been admitted to the hospital with corona positive," he said. I was watching a web series because I couldn't sleep. One by one the screams started. At this time half the door of my room was open and I saw smoke billowing there and a person was running in front of my eyes.

We were also shocked to see this but we bravely gave us the blanket that the hospital gave us to cover.
 The four of us got out of the blanket safely. We stumbled out of the darkness and into the fire, but we got out of the situation. We were worried about whether we would survive in the name of God.

Ahmedabad. The fire broke out at Kovid-19 Designated Shreya Hospital in the Navrangpura area of ​​the city around 3:30 pm last night.

 The fire killed eight patients, including five Corona patients and three women. While another 41 patients have been shifted to SVP hospital.

 It is also believed that the fire was caused by a short circuit. However, the fire department is investigating.

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Currently, there is an atmosphere of friction between the family and the police outside the hospital. When the whole hospital is emptied the seal is killed.

Whether the hospital received NOC of the fire is also the subject of investigation. Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi also reached the spot.

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Self-quarantined 35 firefighters who came in contact with the patient late at night

At 3:30 a.m., the fire department received a call about the fire. About 35 firefighters and 18 vehicles, including Additional Chief Fire Officer Rajesh Bhatt, rushed to the spot. All of these goons are currently self-quarantined.

 While 41 patients from the hospital have been shifted to SVP hospital so far. Currently, the entire credit hospital has been vacated.

Whether the hospital was negligent will be thoroughly investigated: JCP of Sector-1
Sector-1 JCP RV Asari said the case of fire at the hospital has now been admitted to AD. The matter will be investigated by the police.

In any case, the process of filing an offense will be carried out based on the facts. When the hospital was negligent it will be thoroughly investigated.


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We will look into whether information has been received from the hospital so far and no response has been received from the families of the deceased.

A sudden fire broke out at Shreya Hospital around 3 am last night

Fire timeline: What happened when and at what time
At 3:10 a.m., the fire brigade received a call about a fire accident
At 3:20 a.m., 15 fire brigade vehicles arrived at the scene
At 3:30 a.m. all patients were brought down with the help of the fire brigade
The fire was brought under control at 4:00 p.m.
Officers including Bhavin Solanki reached the hospital at 4:20 p.m.
At 4:25 p.m., the fire brigade confirmed the deaths of 8 people
At 4:45 a.m. patients were shifted to SVP hospital by 108 and fire brigade ambulance
At 7:30 a.m., the relatives of the patients complained that they did not get a proper answer
At 8:00 a.m. Mayor Bijal Patel reached the hospital
At 8:15 a.m. the bodies were sent for postmortem
At 8:30 am Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi reached the hospital
At 9:00 am, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about the incident

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Midnight rush to move hospital patients to another location
The hospital was on fire at midnight. The accident killed 8 patients while the fire department team played a key role in the operation to move another 25 patients safely to another hospital. As soon as the accident was reported, more than 15 fire brigade vehicles reached the spot at midnight. A police team has been at the spot since late last night.

A police team has also been at the scene since late last night
The outrage of patients' relatives outside the hospital
The credit goes to the 50-bed Covid-19 hospital.

Where more than 40 corona patients were being treated. Work has been started to take the bodies of the patients who died in the accident to the PM. While other patients have been shifted to SVP Hospital.

 Outbursts of family members are being witnessed outside the hospital with allegations of not providing patient information to family members.

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Work has been started to take the bodies to the PM
List of names and ages of the deceased provided by the Fire Department

Name                          age
Arif Mansoori               42
Navneet Shah                80
Lilaben Shah                 72
Narendra Shah              61
Arvind Bhavsar            78
Jyoti Sindhi                  55
Manubhai Rami            82
Aishaben Tirmizi          51

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