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Saturday, 8 August 2020

Corona vaccine ready: Russia claims

There is hope that the world's wait for a corona vaccine is now over.

 Russia's health minister, Mikhail Murashko, has said that Russia's vaccine experiment has been successful and that large-scale vaccinations will begin in October.

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All costs of vaccination will be borne by the government. Russia will register the world's first corona vaccine on August 12, Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said.

However, the WHO says six vaccines are currently in the third phase and there is no guarantee that these vaccines will be successful.

According to Gridnev, the third phase of the vaccine is currently underway. This test is extremely important. We have to see and understand that this vaccine is safe.

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Medical professionals and senior citizens will be vaccinated against the first corona. The effect and effectiveness of this vaccine can be assessed when the population of the country develops immunity.

Russia has previously said its vaccine has been 100 percent successful in clinical trials. The vaccine has been developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the National Center for Research. According to Rousseau, all of the people who were vaccinated showed immunity to COVID.


The experiment began 42 days ago. At the time, a scientific researcher was vaccinated against corona at the Burdenko Military Hospital in Moscow. A few days later, all those vaccinated were re-examined and found to have developed immunity to the coronavirus. Russia claims that it is several months ahead of other countries in vaccine research in the global war against corona. Following the success of the clinical trial, Russia is now going to conduct three comprehensive tests to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Russia intends to develop the vaccine by September and launch a vaccination program in October. Israel, meanwhile, claims to have developed a magical vaccine. It still has to get permission for human tests.

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