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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Education Department's clear statement, 'All universities in Gujarat should complete examinations by September 30'


 The Corona epidemic is getting important news today. State universities need to complete the examinations by September 30 as per the protocol of the central government. The Department of Education has clarified after the exams were canceled in August. As per the clarification of the Department of Education, no order has been issued to any university to cancel the examinations.

consistent with the knowledge received, the state universities need to complete the examinations by September 30. The Department of Education has clarified after the cancellation of the examinations to be taken in August by Gujarat University and GTU. The Department of Education said during a statement that no order had been issued to the schools to cancel the exams. Universities need to complete the examinations before September 30 as per the protocol of the govt of India.

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After being forced to postpone offline exams after announcing offline exams thanks to lack of coordination between Gujarat University, GTU, Junagadh University, Patan University and therefore the Department of Education, the Department of Education has issued an amended circular today telling all the schools that it's not appropriate to postpone offline exams.

the house Ministry had on July 9 issued instructions to shut educational add colleges and academic institutions. Then on August 9, the Department of Education issued a circular and didn't write any clear instructions about the examination. Only colleges were told to shut.

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Universities, colleges, administrators and professors, on the opposite hand, were confused on the way to take the offline exam if the school was to stay closed till August 31. If you would like to require an exam, you've got to open a university

Now today, the Department of Education has issued a circular saying that some universities have postponed the offline exams by giving the letter dated 6-7 from the Department of Education incorrectly, which isn't appropriate. Examinations need to be conducted as per the instruction given from the circular dated 8-7 of the Department of Education.

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it's as clear as a lamp within the whole course of events that the department didn't decide whether to require the exam or not. due to this, each university interpreted the circular in its own way and announced the schedule of offline examinations.

a politician announcement is probably going to be made up of Gujarat University within the next one or two days about conducting online exams. Preparations begin to conduct online exams for the scholars studying within the final year. 

There was a discussion recently about taking online exams for college kids studying with Commerce, Science and humanities subjects in Gujarat University. So GTU exam is additionally pending. The Department of Education has instructed these universities to conduct the examination as soon as possible.

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