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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Every citizen of the country will get a health card

Every citizen of the country will get a health card

Every citizen of the country will get a health card, the Modi government will announce on 15 August 2020
Prime Minister Modi goes to announce the National Digital Health Mission on Assumption. Under this scheme, the health data of each citizen are going to be on one platform.

additionally, a health ID card is going to be prepared. the info will include information on health services across the country alongside the doctor’s details.

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This will make all the knowledge associated with health available on one platform. Indu Bhushan, CEO of the National Health Authority, shared information associated with the scheme with a media
● Health ID Card, Personal Health Record, DG Doctor, and clinic Record

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● Telemedicine services are going to be involved during this mission
● The privacy of health ID cardholders are going to be taken care of
The plan will specialize in 4 things.

Health ID Card, Personal Health Record, DG Doctor, and clinic Record. Telemedicine services are going to be added to the mission later. this may take full care of the privacy of health ID cardholders. this is often a voluntary platform.
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It is not mandatory to hitch this. this suggests that health-related information is going to be shared with a person at will. additionally, their information is going to be shared at the discretion of the doctor and therefore the hospital
If an individual goes to a doctor for treatment after getting this health care, the doctor can check his medical record together with his consent.

So that no one’s data are often viewed by another person without his consent. For this, a feature sort of a one-time password has been provided on the mobile.

Assume that the small print of any health test you've got done is going to be available online in one place which you'll show to the doctor

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