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The state of corona remains unchanged within the state: 22 patients die with 1009 cases within the last 24 hours
Surat. Corona's transition is increasing day by day. With 258 more cases, the number of coronae positive has risen to 14,420, according to figures released by the municipality and the district administration. 

There were 2823 cases in the district and 11,597 in the city. Today the death toll has risen to 632 with 11 deaths.

 Of which 510 are from the city and 122 from the district. Today, 151 people from the city and 76 from the district have gone home after beating Corona. The total number of people recovered so far has crossed 10,000 and reached 10,060. Which includes the district 2023.

In the last 24 hours within the state, quite 1009 cases of corona are registered. So today 22 patients have died. In Surat 11, 6 patients have died in Ahmedabad. The 1-1 patient has died in Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Kutch, Rajkot, and Vadodara. Thus, thanks to corona, death is 2509. 
within the 
present, 83 patients are kept on the ventilator. within the last 24 hours, he has been given a vacation to 47 thousand 561 people within a total of 974 patients. ask the case registered within the last 24 hours, then in Surat, there are 151 cases in Ahmedabad, 98 cases in Vadodara.

Thus the case of the corona is increasing 
within the state. Today, the entire of 19 thousand 769 tests are wiped out Gujarat. Total 8 lakh 34 thousand 104 tests are done throughout Gujarat

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Home-to-home survey work
The Municipal Corporation of India (MCCI) is conducting a door-to-door survey of patients with corona symptoms and taking samples.

In addition to quarantine, health-oriented measures are being taken. A total of 9833 patients who were shifted to isolation have recovered after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Municipal Corporation of India (MCI) is also in the process of quarantining people who come in contact with Corona positive patients.

 More than 31 thousand people have quarantined out of which 5 people are in government facilities.
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An important decision has been taken regarding the micro containment area in Ahmedabad
An important decision has been taken regarding the micro containment area of Ahmedabad city. Today, one area of the town has been faraway from the micro-containment zone while four other areas are declared micro-containment.

 One area of Amraiwadi has been 
faraway from the micro containment zone while cases are declared in Sahadev Apartments Maninagar, Dharmadev Society, Ramrajyanagar Indrapuriri and Nandavan Jodhpur. the choice was taken at a gathering chaired by Additional Chief Secretary Rajiv Gupta.

Bharatsinh Solanki defeated Corona
Congress leader Bharatsinh Solanki has defeated Corona. Though Corona has been beaten, Bharatsinh Solanki has not been discharged from the hospital.

Because his health 
remains fragile. they need not been discharged thanks to the consequences of antibiotics.

 The antibiotic has affected Bharatsinh’s kidneys. 
thanks to which Bharat Singh is currently undergoing treatment during a private hospital.

Police building office closed for 15 days
The transition of the corona to the Vadodara police building has increased. The police building office has been closed for 15 days. Visitors and applicants are barred from entering. Only policemen and administrative staff are going to be ready to enter the building.

The office of 
the town Survey Superintendent has also been shifted. The office of the Commissioner of Police is found within the Police Building.
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477 patients critically in Surat Civil and Schmeier
So far 609 people have died in Corona in Surat city district. 423 crore positive patients are undergoing treatment in the ward at the new Civil and COVID Hospital. Of those, 362 patients are in critical condition. Of these, 19 are on ventilators, 41 on bipoles, and 302 on oxygen.

 While 153 positive patients are being treated at Schmeier Hospital. Of those, 115 patients are in critical condition. In which 12 ventilators, 23 bypasses, and 80 patients are on oxygen.

Mahamrutyunjaya Japa for Amit Shah’s healthiness
Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been infected with Corona. Mahamrutyunjaya is being chanted to keep him healthy.

 For the good health of Amit Shah, chanting of Mahamrutyunjaya is being done at the temple in Jogani of the Satadhar area.

The chant of Mahamrutyunjya will be performed for a week for Amit Shah to recover from Corona’s illness soon.

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