Kartik Jivani of Surat ranks first in Gujarat in Success

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Kartik Jivani of Surat ranks first in Gujarat in Success / UPSC exams, 84th within the country with IPS training

Surat. Success is hidden behind failure, but even the Himalayas don't bother a firm-minded man. Making this slogan meaningful, Kartik Jivani from Surat has achieved the primary rank in Gujarat within the result declared by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). IPS (Indian Police Service) cadre training also as preparation for the exam has achieved 84 ranks within the country. So Karthik now wants to hitch the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) cadre. in order that Hardik can become the primary IAS officer of Surat.

Succeeding by digesting failureKarthik Jivani took the exam in 2017. He was failing after working hard within the year 2017 with embarrassment and excitement in his mind. But again after 2 years of diligencewithin the year 2019, he got the primary rank in Gujarat and therefore the 94th rank within the country. So rather than IAS, I got admission in the IPS cadre. So while taking IPS training in Hyderabad, he took the exam again without forgetting his dream of becoming an IAS and succeeded.

Listening to Rao Saheb, i assumed of becoming an IASDr. running a laboratory in Varachha. "When I used to be born in 1994, there was an epidemic in Surat," said Kartik Jivani, son of Nagjibhai Jivani. The obstetrician wasn't present in Surat at that point. Heard the stories of Surat at that point during which S.R. A municipal commissioner named Rao changed the geographical position of Surat. because the city's sickle changed, Surat was once more getting to be the epitome of gold. taking note of Rao Saheb's performance, I also wanted to become an IAS. Last year I had to travel down two ranks to IPS. But now if I buy an opportunity in IAS, I will be able to join that cadre, said Karthik.



Surat will become the primary IASIn the announced UPSC results, Kartik Nagjibhai Jivani of Surat has secured 84th rank in India and first rank in Gujarat. If he gets IAS cadre as per his wish, he will become the primary IAS officer of Surat. Karthik has done BTech in Mechanical from IIT Mumbai after studying up to 12 at PP Savani and Ryan International School in Surat. Kartik got his primary education in his maternal language.

Answer the question directly with Karthik Jivani

Divya Bhaskar: Did you think that that this point to you'll get a far better result than 2019?Karthik Jivani: nobody can have that assumption. diligence in 2019 did alrightwithin the same way, he was working hard at this point too. therefore the result's good.

Divya Bhaskar: How did you prepare again with IPS training?Karthik Jivani: Thus, in 2019, I used to be getting much less time than I used to be preparing for. IPS training goes on in Hyderabad. Time is brief. But the arrogance was overwhelmed. Once we've passed the exam, the fear has subsided. this point the ranks have succeeded in recuperating.

Divya Bhaskar: What questions were asked within the UPSC interview?
Karthik Jivani: UPSC interview may be a marathon. Questions were asked on many topics. At this point as I reached the interview again, questions were asked about why I left IPS and took the exam again, including the economic affairs of Surat.

Divya Bhaskar: Now you'll become an IAS ..Karthik Jivani: Yes, I even have always wanted to be an IAS. My goal is predicated on the inspiration I got from taking note of the Municipal Commissioner appointed after the plague at that point in Surat. Last year it decreased two ranks (94). it had been then ranked 92nd for the IAS. Ranked 84th this year, it's more likely that he will get an area within the IAS cadre. Then what should happen?

Divya Bhaskar: What would you tell someone preparing for a competitive exam?Karthik Jivani: Competitive exam is such successful. If you set a goal and stick with it, success is often achieved. an excessive amount of preparation an excessive amount of reading and revision is extremely important. At an equivalent time, maintaining confidence is simply as important, and that I think persistent diligence is that the key to success.

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