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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Making a girlfriend on Facebook, the constable arrived on a date, looking at his face, he flew away!

It has become expensive for a love constable to fall in love with a girlfriend with a Facebook face. There has been an earthquake in the house even before Prem Parwan climbed.

 Indore police constable has made a girlfriend through Facebook. There is a lot of sweet talk between the two through messenger. This conversation gradually turns into love. Then the date of the first visit is fixed.

The constable started sweating

Constable Satyam had reached to meet his girlfriend as per the fixed date and time, but when the girlfriend came in front of him, the constable started sweating.

 He is sweating profusely. He did not understand what was happening and what he was doing. Because the girl who became his girlfriend on Facebook was someone else and his wife. It was the wife who devised the plan to expose her husband.

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Was torturing for dowry
In fact, the marriage of a policeman posted in the special shell of Indore police took place in 2019. Shortly after the marriage, Satyam started harassing his wife for dowry.

 Satyam's wife had earlier lodged a complaint with Indore police officials, but no action was taken. Then Satyam's wife Sukhalia moved in. Went there. After Jaya went there, Satyam stopped talking to her.

Friendship with Facebook

Satyam's wife then created a profile on Facebook under another name. She sent a friend request to Satyam from that profile. Satyam had accepted it. 
Again the two began to converse. Satyam's wife, who became his girlfriend, called him to meet her. In the complaint to the police, Satyam's wife said that he started talking on Facebook during a chat to create love and physical relationship. It was also creating pressure to meet. Satyam's wife befriended him on Facebook.

Host flew away on seeing
His wife, who became his girlfriend at Satyam's insistence, came to meet him. The constable, who arrived on a date, lost consciousness when he saw his wife in front of him. When he found out that Ruhi with Facebook is none other than his wife. So it became water-water.

Complain to the authorities
Now Constable Satyam's wife had lodged a complaint against her husband with senior Indore police officials. Also shared screenshots of the chat. 

The DIG of Indore has since ordered an inquiry into the whole matter. Women police will investigate Satyam's wife's complaint. Departmental action will then be taken.

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