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Monday, 10 August 2020

Mask Promotion '/ If you appear in the state without a mask from tomorrow, you will get a fine of Rs 500, not Rs 1,000.

Mask Promotion '/ If you appear within the state without a mask from tomorrow, you'll get a fine of Rs 500, not Rs 1,000.

Gandhinagar. The supreme court had given some important directions to the govt within the hearing of the Suo moto petition filed within the Gujarat supreme court after Corona's care.

 In which, the supreme court had asked the govt to levy a fine of Rs 1,000 from those that didn't wear masks.

 Regarding this, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today said that the judgment given by the state supreme court is going to be implemented within the state from tomorrow. 

Rupani has announced that from Tuesday, August 11, people wearing masks publicly are going to be fined Rs 1,000 within the state.

 He appealed to all or any the citizens of the state to not displace the upcoming festivals including Janmashtami because the Koro transition is so widespread, so all the citizens should occupy home and celebrate the festival to stop such an epidemic.

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The supreme court had sought a fine of Rs 1,000In the July 24 hearing of the Suo moto petition within the Gujarat supreme court following Corona's care, the supreme court had given some important directions to the govt.

 People are walking around without wearing masks and maintaining social distance thanks to ignorance. The supreme court had asked the govt to levy a fine of Rs 1,000 on those that didn't wear masks.

No got to worry about people's resentment. Strict decisions should be taken within the public interest. The mask is most crucial to avoid corona. Without it, people won't be ready to run it. The supreme court said it had been the responsibility of the govt to make sure that everybody came out wearing a mask.

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Masks and fines levied in various states for spitting publiclyWhile each state is trying different measures to combat the Koro epidemic, there's an enormous gap within the penalties imposed by each state for spitting publicly and not wearing a mask.

 during a small and backward state like Jharkhand, Rs. Some states have imposed a penalty of only Rs 200, while West Bengal has imposed a penalty of Rs 200. A fine of Rs 50 is levied.

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