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Saturday, 8 August 2020

Netspeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter Android App

Netspeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter Android App

Netspeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter Android App: A cleaner and simpler thanks to monitoring network connection speed on your Android devices. 

NetSpeed Indicator shows your current internet speed within the status bar. Below you will find all the information about this app. Here is how to install these apps. You will find good apps here and those apps are very useful and good and funny apps are given here.
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Key features:
• Real-time internet speed within the status bar
• Hide when not connected to any network
• Unobtrusive notification to allow you to specialize in what’s important
• Highly customizable
• Battery and memory-efficient
• No ads, No bloat

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Feature details: Real-time

 The indicator shows the present speed at which your internet is getting used by other apps. The indicator updates in real-time showing the present speed in the least time.


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Daily data usage

 No need for a separate app just to stay track of your daily data usage.

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This provides a simple thanks to monitoring your network usage and speed throughout the day without having to open a separate app. Additionally, the notification area shows a carefully designed notification that takes minimal space and a spotlight in order that it doesn’t are available your way ever.
Highly Customisable

Download Netspeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter Android App

Battery and memory-efficient
Download Netspeed Indicator: Internet Speed M

No ads, no bloat
No ads that can interrupt you. No bloatware or unnecessary features to help you focus on what’s important for you.

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