Research has shown that a fractured bone during a 76 million year old dinosaur has now clothed to be a cancerous tumor, larger than an apple.

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Research has shown that a fractured bone during a 76 million year old dinosaur has now clothed to be a cancerous tumor, larger than an apple.
Research has shown that a fractured bone during a 76 million-year-old dinosaur has now clothed to be a cancerous tumor, larger than an apple.

According to researchers, dinosaurs were found to possess a cancerous tumor wrapped around their hind legs.
Claim - Although the tumor didn't kill the dinosaur, it did affect its ability to maneuver.

So far, cancer has been found in most humans. except for the primary time, research has shown that dinosaurs, the so-called historical animals, also got cancer. The bones of 76 million-year-old dinosaurs that were thought to be fractured have now been found to be malignant cancers. The bone was found in 1989 in Alberta, Canada as a dinosaur fossil.

According to a report published within the Lancet Oncology Journal, this bone of a vegetarian dinosaur was damaged by osteosarcoma. this is often considered advanced cancer of the bones. Until now, it had been considered a broken bone. But the tumor is even larger than an apple.

Tumors were found in 6 m long bones
According to David Evans, a paleontologist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the bone is 6 meters long. This bone dates back to the Cretaceous when four-legged dinosaurs were herbivores. This bone is of his lower leg. The tumor found in it's of advanced stage and is larger than an apple.
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Like humans, dinosaurs are found to possess diseases
According to research published within the Lancet Oncology Journal, the 76 million-year-old Centaurus dinosaur was severely weakened by cancer before it died. Research has shown that dinosaurs may have contracted many of the diseases commonly found in humans and other animals. An example of this is often cancer found in dinosaurs. They lived like other animals on this earth and that they too had to face accidents and diseases.

Research has shown that cancer isn't a replacement disease in animals
Researchers at the University of Ontario, Drs. consistent with Mark Crowther, some tumors are in soft tissue, which doesn't easily become remnants. Therefore, we've found evidence of cancer from the remains. Research has shown that cancer isn't a replacement disease, but a complication which will be found in animals.

What is osteosarcoma?
Researcher Dr. consistent with Mark Crowther, osteosarcoma may be bone cancer. Which is usually found in children and adolescents. But it is often speculated that dinosaurs also had a better risk of developing this cancer. The cancer was growing rapidly in them, the research report said. This cancerous tumor quickly damages the bone then spreads to other tissues.

CT scan confirmation
Paleontologist David Evans says a CT scan was performed to look at the tumor more clearly. After the test, it had been found that the tumor was wrapped in the bone. However, albeit the dinosaur didn't die from this tumor, its ability to maneuver was definitely reduced.

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