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Friday, 14 August 2020

Solar rooftop Yojana Agency List 2019-20

solar rooftop yojana in Gujarati Gujarat Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana 2018-19 will enable people 
to line up / install solar panels starting from 1 KW to 10 KW on their rooftops with 30% subsidy from central govt. and Rs. 10,000 from state govt., a checklist of vendors under solar energy policy 2018 at

Residential Solar Rooftop Yojana 2018-19 in Gujarat is going to be under implementation up to 31st March 2019.  List of vendors under solar energy policy 2018 is out there at the official website
Gujarat residential solar rooftop yojana
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solar rooftop yojana
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solar rooftop yojana Gujarat
Surya urja rooftop yojna
All the beneficiaries shall register their application through GEDA registered approved impaneled vendor only to urge subsidy under Gujarat solar rooftop power policy 2018.shadow-free area / KW of the system . Central govt. will provide a subsidy of 30% of total cost and therefore the state govt. would offer a subsidy of Rs. 10,000 / kW om solar systems installation.

The generation of electricity from the system is going to be adjusted against the electricity drawn from DISCOM within the electricity bill of an equivalent month.

In order to realize this magnitude of capacity, Gujarat has been given the target of 8,024 MW capacity of solar power by 2021-22, out of which 3,200 MW is to be contributed by the rooftop segment.

Installation of Rooftop Solar Plants on an outsized scale is one of the simplest initiatives, as in such plants, there's no requirement of land.

Energy is consumed where it's generated; there would be no element of transmission loss or wheeling loss and such plants would be within the interest of the general public at large also as State Utilities.

Therefore, with a view of promoting large-scale rooftop solar systems on private residential roofs-terraces, the govt has introduced a subsidy scheme for solar rooftops within the residential sector.

solar rooftop yojana in Gujaratisolar rooftop yojana Gujarat agency list
solar rooftop yojana in Hindi
solar rooftop yojana West Bengal
solar rooftop yojana
solar rooftop yojana 2019 Gujarat
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This Scheme shall be called “SURYA-Gujarat” (Surya Urja Rooftop Yojana-Gujarat) with the subsequent provisions:

Target: The target for installations of solar rooftops shall be to cater to 2 lac consumers during the year 2019-20 and cumulatively 8 lac consumers by the top of the fiscal year 2021-22.

The system cost mentioned within the above table is inclusive of supply, installation, commissioning, comprehensive maintenance contract of 5 years of the entire system, bi-directional meter, and its testing charges, SMC box for the meter and therefore the connectivity charges to be paid to the DISCOM and standard structure required to put in solar PV panel on the rooftop, with a minimum surface clearance of 300 mm between the terrace surface and therefore the bottommost fringe of the panel. the value of the additional height of the structure required, if any, shall be borne by the beneficiary.
the other charges to be paid to DISCOM, on account of the need of a change of phase if any from single to three-phase, up-gradation of the prevailing electricity distribution network, shall be borne additionally by the beneficiary because it isn't included within the discovered cost referred within the table above.
If the Applicant may be a single-phase consumer of the DISCOM and intends to put in a solar rooftop system having a capacity which necessitates changing the phase of his existing service connection from single-phase to three-phase, in such case, the requisite charges for enhancement of the phase from single to three-phase shall be borne by the buyer being a part of the system strengthening, and not included within the discovered cost per kW

Download List From Below Link::
                                                 ||   Download List From Here   ||

Salient Features of the scheme for Residential Rooftop Solar Projects – 2018 -19
The scheme is going to be under implementation up to 31 st March 2019
The residential consumer of any DISCOM, who has a residential property in his name,
is eligible to put in a solar PV system on his rooftop from anybody supplier selected by
he from the list of GEDA Empaneled Vendors. List of those vendors is out there on
GEDA internet site
A beneficiary shall register their application through any of the GEDA registered
approved empaneled vendor only.
The system should be a minimum of 1 kW capacity.
The beneficiary should have 100 sq.ft. shadow-free area per kilowatt capacity of solar
system on their rooftop.
Cost of the varied capacity Solar Rooftop PV system discovered are as below;
Gujarat energy development agency (GEDA) has released the official list of GEDA impaneled vendors for solar rooftop projects 2018-19. the entire list of vendors under solar rooftop power policy is out there in PDF format for downloading purposes. to see the entire list and download it, click the link below:-

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