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Friday, 14 August 2020

The Center is considering opening schools and colleges across the country from September

Education between Corona / Center to open schools and colleges across the country from September, which will be decided according to the status of Corona in the state.

Gandhinagar. Due to Corona, educational work i.e. schools and colleges are closed all over the country including Gujarat.

So now, the central government has become serious about re-starting school-colleges, with consideration being given to start educational work in phases from September 1 as per the status of Corona in that state.

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But even after discussing the matter with the state governments and getting an opinion, the power to take the final decision will also be handed over to the state governments, the central government will only give guidelines.

Primary schools will not open
It is learned that the central government is preparing to open schools for senior students from September 1. Preparations are underway to open schools for students of class 10 to 12 from September. But the policy of not opening schools for primary school children will continue.

The Center will take a decision after talks with the state governments
The matter was seriously discussed by a team of secretaries led by Union Health Minister Harshvardhan and it was decided that educational institutions including schools, high schools, and colleges would be opened in the country in phases from September 1 to November 14.

But all state governments will be consulted before taking this step. His opinion will also be taken later and then the final decision will be announced.

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The opinion of the states will be final
The central government will release the unlock guidelines for this after August 31. It will also mention starting academic work, but the final decision will be left to the state governments. Is it the right time to bring students back to their classrooms? The matter will be discussed with the state governments and their opinion will be final.

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