The epicenter was reported below the Lebanese capital, Beirut

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Rocket strike in Lebanon's capital! / Explosion during a ship filled with firecrackers at the port of Beirut, 73 killed, 3700 injured, vehicles bounced up to three floors, impact up to 10 km
The epicenter was reported below the Lebanese capital, Beirut

Explosions heard across the country, the Indian embassy in Lebanon announces helpline number for help
The health minister said: "We suspect that the way during which the blast happened is that the ship was blown up by an airstrike."
Divya Bhaskar Aug 05, 2020, 03:24 AM IST
Beirut. an enormous explosion rocked the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Tuesday evening. The bomber struck shortly after noon during a ship loaded with firecrackers anchored off the coast. The blast was so massive that it damaged homes within a 10-kilometer radius. The blast also caused a three-story building to collapse in a moment.

The Lebanese health minister said the attack killed 73 people and injured 3,700. The blast damaged homes within a 10-kilometer radius. The blast was heard across the country. the way during which this explosion happened we suspect a rocket strike or a conspiracy to magnify the ship with explosives. The blast may are intentional or there may are another reason behind it. Rania Masri, a Beirut resident who lived several kilometers from the scene, said the blast was so violent that the windows of the house were shattered. I felt like an earthquake.

Rescue team taking the injured for treatment.
The press agency quoted security forces as saying the blast was so loud that its impact was visible from a distance. The blast reportedly caused extensive damage. Some people have also been injured. The Lebanese local press agency NNA and security sources said the blast happened within the port area.

The explosion caused a cloud within the sky sort of a nuclear blast.
The head of the Lebanese-based Red Cross, George Keatneh, said an outsized number of individuals had been injured and were being moved to a hospital for treatment. an outsized number of individuals are trapped in damaged houses near the world where the blast happened, making it impossible to offer a particular price thus far. Lebanese broadcaster LBCI, on the opposite hand, said that quite 500 injured people were being treated and other people were being appealed for blood donation. The Indian embassy in Lebanon had also issued a helpline number for help.

2 big explosions heard in Central Beirut tonightmost are advised to remain calm. Any Indian community member in need of any help may contact our Help Line. MEAIndia exec Sanjay pic.twitter.com/xWlgU8WdNB

A large number of individuals were injured within the blast
Where explosives were kept in warehouses. it had been not immediately clear how the blast occurred or what sort of explosives were kept within the warehouse. Some local TV channels said the blast happened near the port of Beirut. Ahumada gota was seen in many areas of the town. People living nearby said the blast caused severe damage to nearby residences.

#VIDEO: First images of the large explosion in Lebanon's capital #Beirut pic.twitter.com/nIMvTTnL98

The explanation for the explosion wasn't immediately known

The explanation for the blast wasn't immediately clear. No information was available on the sort of explosives within the warehouse. Meanwhile, Abbas Ibrahim, Lebanon's head of internal security, said the blast was caused by high explosives and had never happened before. Baleno's health minister said an outsized number of individuals had been injured within the blast, although he didn't give a particular figure. consistent with eyewitnesses, dust clouds erupted as soon because the blast occurred and therefore the atmosphere became completely cloudy.

The world community took note of this incident
United Nations (UN) spokesman Farhan Haque said the explanation for the blast wasn't immediately known. The Pentagon said during a statement that it had received information about the blast which it had been "concerned" about the casualties.\

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