The good news is that the world's first coronavirus vaccine will hit the market by August 12, Russia's success...

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The good news is that the world's first coronavirus vaccine will hit the market by August 12, Russia's success...
The world's wait for the coronavirus vaccine is now coming to an end. Russia's Health Minister Mikhail Murashko has said that Russia's vaccine trial has been successful. And now since October, a large number of people in the country have been vaccinated. He said the government would bear the entire cost of the vaccine. Russia will register the world's first coronavirus vaccine on August 12, Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said.

The third phase of the vaccine continues

The third phase of the vaccine is currently underway, Gridnev said in the city of Ufa. This test is very important. We need to understand that this vaccine is safe. Medical professionals and senior citizens will be the first to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The minister said the effectiveness of the vaccine would be assessed once the country's population developed an immunity.

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The vaccine is 100 percent successful in clinical trials

Russia had earlier said that its Coronavirus vaccine had been 100 percent successful in clinical trials. The vaccine has been developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Gamleya National Center for Research. Russia said the vaccine showed resistance to SARS Cove-2 from all the people who were given the vaccine in clinical trials. The trial began 42 days ago. At the time, the coroner was vaccinated against corona at Burdenko Military Hospital in Moscow. These people came to the hospital for the second time on Monday and were examined. In the meantime, it has been found that all people develop immunity to the coronavirus. The government praised the Russian vaccine following the results of the investigation.

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Vaccination will begin in the country in October

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the results of the review show that the vaccine has developed a strong immune response in people. Russia's Defense Ministry said there were no negative side effects or harassment inside the Voltaire. The lab is now going to get government approval before it can be used on a large scale by the public. Russia claims that the global fight against the coronavirus is underway in the next few months to develop the Covid-19 vaccine. It is being shown that, following the success of the clinical trial, Russia is now going to conduct three major tests to test the effectiveness of the vaccine. Russia aims to develop the corona vaccine by September this year, as well as launch vaccinations in the country in October.

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