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Thursday, 13 August 2020

The Modi government may announce this big plan on August 15. You need to know

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Health ID Card: During the Corona period, the Central Government is preparing to stay the health records of each citizen of the country in digital form. With this card, doctors are going to be ready to check, advise or treat all of your medical records to support your unique ID from anywhere. This initiative is going to be very useful within the field of telemedicine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is preparing to introduce 'One Nation One Health Card' soon like 'One Nation One Ration Card'. consistent with sources, the central government may announce the National Digital Health Mission on Assumption. Under this scheme, the health data of each citizen of the country are going to be on one platform. aside from this, a singular health ID card is going to be prepared for everybodyduring this data, information about health services, alongside details of doctors and hospitals are going to be available across the country.

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According to sources, the National Digital Health Mission has received in-principle approval from the Union Cabinet. Hopefully, by the top of the week, the mission will get official approval. Sources also said that the Prime Minister may launch on Assumption together with his announcement.

Everyone has got to create a health card through the government's One Nation One Health Card scheme. Complete information about the results and treatment are going to be saved digitally during this card. this may be recorded. Its biggest advantage is going to be that once you attend any hospital or doctor within the country for treatment, you'll not need to take all the prescriptions and test reports with you. Doctors are going to be ready to access your records together with your unique health ID wherever they're.
Hospitals, clinics, doctors are going to be connected to the central server to stay the medical information of the person. that an integrated system is going to be developed. For the hospital and therefore the citizens it'll now be up to them whether or not they want to hitch this mission or not. a singular ID is going to be provided for every citizen. Login is going to be done on the idea of whether the person has his unique health ID number or not. This number also can be linked to the person's email ID and mobile number. in order that just one occasion password i.e. OTP are often sent. additionally, this ID is probably going to be linked to the Aadhaar card within the future. The National Digital Health Mission focuses totally on four things. Health ID, personal health records, registration of DG doctors, and health facilities across the country. Thus, this mission could convince be a revolutionary step.

According to the knowledge received, the scheme will first be launched in selected states of the country then it'll be implemented in several phases of the country. Thus this may be a pilot programsupported the result obtained, it'll be modified, etc. and later it'll be implemented within the whole country.

The finance ministry has also sanctioned Rs 470 crore for this. The scheme will take full care of the confidentiality of the info of Health ID holders. nobody else is going to be ready to get their information without their consent. People also can add this health ID to the Aadhaar card manually, the choice is going to be open for this too.

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