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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The story of passion / The work started from Rs. 3500 reached Rs.

The story of passion / The work started from Rs. 3500 reached Rs.

Kanpur. Prerna Verma from Kanpur had to do the job since she was in the 10th standard because the conditions at home were not good. The mother raised the daughter and son. If the motivation was big then he took over the responsibility of the house and started working as a computer operator in the company of an importer. Prerna was earning Rs 1,200 per month.

His study was also going on with the job. Attended classes 6 to 10 in the morning. Worked from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Then she would do tuition till 7.30 pm and then come home and study. She used to go to cybercafes and search for career opportunities.

One day I met a person who was doing leather products business in a cafe and he offered inspiration to market leather products. It was decided that if the business was set up well, we would form a partnership. Inspiration had no knowledge of leather products and did not know how to market. Yet he started marketing.

Inspiration says my job was to persuade people to buy the product. Connected many customers in a single month. My partner didn't feel well when I started generating orders and started changing his behavior. So I quit his job.

I had no work after that. There was no money either. I saved three thousand rupees. After marketing the leather product for a month and a half, I realized that I could convince customers. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

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Then came the idea of ​​starting trading in leather products. But there was no money to open an office. So I made only one room in the house and office. I kept an old table at home, kept a computer and started trading.

Inspiration says- I used to trade leather products. Delivering goods to those in need. Also went to the market. People were also involved online. In the early years, the same amount of money was spent. There was no profit but I was understanding the industry. After some clients joined, I left home and built a two-room office and started trading from there.

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Gradually I started sourcing. Began to become clients. I kept trading for five years. The leather industry is dominated by males. Going to the market here and talking to people is also no less of a challenge but my focus was clear. I just meant my work so I was engrossed in it without thinking of anything else.


I shipped for the first time in 2007 after having a good experience in the domestic market. I received an order from England with a reference. There were some leather products to be delivered. I completed the project on time. Just then I started to see growth in the business. I started exporting abroad. Never be afraid to take risks.

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I would take the risk if I knew there was a little risk but also an advantage. In 2010, I was given an award by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for Outstanding Performance.  This award boosted my confidence and increased my focus on business.

I started my factory in 2010. However, even then I could not get a loan from the bank because they had to mortgage something that I did not have. Then I invested all the capital I had accumulated in the factory and started producing leather products. Today my company deals in fashion, footwear, leather goods, handicrafts in more than 25 countries. The journey, which started at Rs 3,500, has today reached a turnover of Rs 2 crore.

I have not done MBA and have not even taken leather marketing training. My graduation is in Arts and PG in Economics. The study is done in Hindi medium. But I had to do something of my own so I was able to do all this and succeed with hard work. Now I am called to encourage MBA, Btech students. I am also going to give a lecture. That is my achievement.

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