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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Want people to search your name on Google and get your information? So follow these 6 steps to create a Google card

Mobile users will be able to take advantage of this feature
Users will also be able to update their details and turn off the card permanently

You may have searched for their names on Google many times to get information about celebrities including actresses, sportsmen, politicians, or well-known businessmen. But did you know that other people can find out about you by searching your name? 

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With the help of this feature, any other users can find information about you by searching Google and you can also find information about other users by searching the name on Google. However, it will only be possible when a person by that name has created a People Card. The only information that the user has uploaded will be visible. 

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Who can create People Card?
You can create a People Card only if you have a Google Account. This feature displays using the Google Knowledge Graph. However, the service is currently only available to mobile users.

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People card
Google has launched this feature by looking at the population of India.To create this card you need to share information including photo, business, location. So cards with the same name can be separated.
Users can share education, contact number, and social media information on their cards. Users can also update it at any time.

Steps to create a People Card

First, log in to your Google Account.
Then search your name in Google or type 'Add me to Search'.
Then click on the Get Started tab.

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Then submit the mobile number on the page that opens. Create a profile by submitting an OTP.
Submit information including your name, location, education, photo.
By submitting details including social media profiles and emails, your People Card will be generated and people will be able to easily search you on Google.

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