World Media on the foundation stone of Ram Temple

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World media / CNN says on the foundation stone of Ram temple - Modi laid the foundation stone despite the Koro epidemic, Pakistan's newspaper Dawn wrote - the foundation stone of India's changing constitution

New Delhi. The foundation stone of Ram temple in Ayodhya was spread all over the world media. CNN, The Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera, and Dawn covered the news well.

 CNN wrote that despite the core epidemic, Prime Minister Modi worshiped the land of temple construction.

Pakistan's newspaper Dawn wrote that the foundation stone of the Ram temple is in fact the foundation stone of India's changing constitution.

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Foundation stone despite coronavirus: CNN

The American media group CNN wrote that Modi worshiped the land of the Ram temple in the holiest place of Hindus. This place has been the cause of controversy between Hindus and Muslims for years.

The Bhumi Pujan program is taking place on Wednesday at a time when more than 50,000 new cases of transition have been reported in India for the fifth day in a row. India ranks third in the world in terms of transition.

 Four security guards, including Home Minister Amit Shah and an Ayodhya temple priest, have also been infected.

Diwali in Ayodhya just three months ago: The Guardian

The British newspaper Guardian has written that Diwali has come to Ayodhya only three months ago. The foundation stone of Ram temple is being laid in the city.

It has been the most emotional and divisive issue in Indian history for decades.

Lord Rama is the most revered among the Hindus. His temple is a moment of pride for many Hindus.

 But, there are two kinds of spirit in the minds of Indian Muslims. One is the grief of going to his mosque, which has been there for 400 years. They have also given their tacit consent to the construction of the temple.

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The foundation stone of a new type of Indian Constitution: Don

Pakistan's media group Dawn wrote that the foundation stone of a Hindu temple was laid in place of the Babri Masjid. The place has been the Babri Masjid for about 500 years.

 Modi's critics believe that this is a step towards turning a secular India into a Hindu nation.

Quoting Pratap Bhanu Mehta, former chairman of India's Center for Policy Research, Dawn wrote that the foundation stone of the Ram temple is in a way the foundation stone of a separate Indian constitution. It states that the framework of the fundamental constitution in India is changing.

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Explanation with India's secular ideology: Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera, the main media group in the Gulf country, wrote that the temple was being built in place of a mosque.

Compromise is being made with India's secular ideology. The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been in power in India, started the temple movement in the 1980s. In 1992, the mosque was demolished by Hindu extremists.

 In November 2019, the Supreme Court granted a mosque site to Hindus. The verdict was heavily criticized.

 On the one hand, the foundation stone of the temple is being laid and on the other hand, the legal hearing of the Babri demolition case has not been completed yet.

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Hindus in India are happy: ABC News
ABC News wrote on its website that the Corona virus-like epidemic did not cause huge crowds, but Hindus in India are happy.

Prime Minister Modi worshiped the land of Ram temple. There was allegedly a mosque here before.

The construction of the Ram temple will take three to three and a half years. It will be one of the most magnificent temples in the world.

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Supreme Court removes obstacles to temple construction: BBC

The BBC mentioned the Ram temple and Babri Masjid controversy along with Bhumi Pujan. Wrote- Prime Minister Modi worshiped the land of the temple. Until 1992 there was a mosque here.

Which was broken by the mob? It is claimed that there was a temple here before the mosque.

That is why both the communities were claiming this space. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of removing all obstacles to the construction of the temple.

Muslims have been given a separate space for a mosque.

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