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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Accident:Fire at Surat ONGC's terminal under control, estimated damage of crores, investigation of casualties, ambient temperature reaches 50 degrees

Flames are visible in the sky from far away from the gas terminal. 
The spark ignited in the chamber of the automatic plant at the ONGC company's gas terminal in the Hazira industrial area late at night at 2.30 pm. The gas leak caused three explosions around 3:15 p.m. The blast caused a fire. The fire is estimated to have cost the plant crores of rupees. 

The blasts at the time of the fire shook the townspeople along with the surrounding villagers and forced them out of the house. Flames of fire were visible in the sky from far away from the gas terminal. Sources said three people were missing. 

The fire was brought under control by baurning the gas in the pipe through a chimney about four to five hours after the gas line valve was closed near Ubharat. 

The ambient temperature was about 50 degrees as gas was ignited from the chimney. No casualties were reported by ONGC in the entire accident.

Flames and smoke appeared in the distance as the chimney was used to ignite the amount of gas in the pipe.

gas flow from the main gas line was diverted to the chimney, rising more than 20 feet from the chimney, causing gas flames rising more than 20 feet from the chimney, raising the ambient normal temperature from 20 to 25 degrees to more than 50 degrees. 

Even at the gate of the Gail company opposite ONGC, the temperature rose so high that people could not stand in front of it, so that the temperature at the accident site and the company's plant could be estimated.

Smoke was visible from afar even during the cooling operation after the fire was brought under control.

The fire was brought under control by burning a quantity of gas in the pipe. A
fire broke out near the terminal in a gas pipe coming from Mumbai to Surat, which the valve near the bulge was closed to control. The gas from Ubharat to Hazira (accident site) was pressurized by a chimney to control the fire as the gas in the pipe caught fire.

Fire brigade vehicles returned to Makkhi Jani (Fire Officer) said that 5 vehicles from three fire stations were sent to the spot. Not only that, help was also sought from the fire department of major industries like Reliance in the vicinity due to the major tragedy. There was a blast in the pipeline coming from Mumbai. After the incident, the fire department of ONGC started working to control the fire with a hydraulic system. The fire has been brought under control and cooling operations have also been carried out. The fire was extinguished by an ONGC chimney. The fire brigade's vehicles were later returned.

high-lane roads from Magadalla intersection to Ichchapore intersection were closed due to security concerns after the blast . According to fire brigade sources, three people are said to be missing after a fire broke out at a gas terminal and a massive explosion, including a security guard and two linemen.

Billions of rupees are likely to be lost to ONGC due to the fire
. The gas pipeline runs to six Indian states, which is expected to cost ONGC billions of rupees.

In Surat, flames are visible from the roofs and roofs of houses.

People were evacuated after the fire. After the
blast, 10 to 12 vehicles of ONGC's fire department and vehicles of Surat fire department have also reached to control the fire. A convoy of 108 ambulances has also reached the spot. All access to the plant has been closed as part of safety. Police vehicles have also been dispatched to the plant. Almost all contract employees have also been evacuated from the crash site.

A convoy of police rushed to the spot.

Fear spread among the people
Gas supply was being stored in this (one) plant of ONGC through a gas pipeline coming from Mumbai by sea, in which three blasts were found to have caused chaos. This gas pipeline is 240 kilometers long. The flames were seen from the galleries and terraces of people's houses several kilometers away, creating an atmosphere of fear.

Firefighters trying to put out the blaze.

No casualties
have been reported so far : Collector Surat District Collector Dr Dhawal Patel said the fire broke out after a gas leak. No injuries or deaths have been reported so far. Relief and rescue operations have been launched.

Crowds gathered in front of the ONGC company.

A large number of people from coastal areas including Dumas, Bhimpore, Caviar, Bhatpore work in ONGC on permanent and contract basis. Sources said that only 50 per cent of the plants were shut down in two and a half to three hours after the tragedy.

Flames in front of ONGC's gate.

The ONGC plant
at Hazira is spread over 19 km. The ONGC plant at Hazira in Surat covers an area of ​​about 640 hectares. Its area is 19 km. Spread to. LPG, Naphtha, SKO, ATF, HSDN propane are manufactured by the ONGC company.

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