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Saturday, 19 September 2020

After the tea kettle, the leaf gullies were closed in this area of ​​Ahmedabad

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After the tea kettle in Ahmedabad, now the corporation’s eye is on Panna Galla. Pan masala shops violating social distance will be investigated by the team of the corporation. Violations of Corora’s guidelines will be prosecuted at the site. AMC will go to different areas of the city and check. 

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Strict action will be taken especially in the place where more cases of corona are coming up. Let’s talk today. Most of the leaf gullies were found closed in the Bopal area of ​​the city. Gutkha and Panmasala lovers were frustrated by this.

In the Bhopal-Ghuma area of ​​the city, people were seen on leafy streets without masks. Apart from this, the social distance was also being violated and the system has taken action against them. Earlier, eight leaf galls were sealed in Bopal by the Municipal Corporation’s Solid Waste Department. It was then decided to compulsorily close the Pan Parlor holders in Bhopal.

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Ahmedabad metropolis is known for its distinctive identity. Another identity of Ahmedabad is its kettle culture. Everywhere you look, there are tea kettles, and crowds of people standing here frozen … Many tea stalls in Ahmedabad are famous then. Today we will visit a tea shop in Ahmedabad, where a sip of tea carries a message of awareness for Hinduism.

In the city of Ahmedabad, the Municipal Corporation was slapped in Bopal today as the cases of corona were increasing in various areas. AMC has closed leaf gullies in Bopal. With the spread of corona in Ahmedabad, AMC has hit the pan-spice connoisseurs hard today.

In most parts of the Bopal area of ​​Ahmedabad, leaf galls have been found closed. Gutkha and Panmasala enthusiasts were seen searching the streets this morning. Corona cases are on the rise in Gujarat. The AMC is taking strict action in Bopal to ensure that the declining cases of corona in Ahmedabad do not resurface. The victims of which have become the owners of Pan Masala today.

In Bhopal, which is under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Tantra conducted a check on Panna Galla today. The system has taken action at Bopal-Ghuma where people without masks, lack of social distance on the leaf gills. Earlier, eight leaf galls were sealed in Bopal by the Municipal Corporation’s Solid Waste Department. Bhopal's Pan Parlor Holders have since decided to close Pan Parlor compulsorily.

It may be mentioned here that the first drive of the corporation was done in Bhopal area. In which a large number of people were seen on the leaf galls and tea kettles. People here who do not wear masks and spit in public have been prosecuted. Proceedings ranging from fines to sealing have been taken.


Crowds of people had gathered at tea kettles in many places in the city and people were not wearing masks, which prompted the corporation to take action. In this regard, more than 115 kettles and stalls were automatically closed today as 12 teams of the Solid Waste Department of the city took action with the help of the police. The corporation’s first drive was in the Bopal area. In which a large number of people were seen on the leaf galls and tea kettles. Corona’s guidelines were being flagrantly violated in the area.

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