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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Bhaskar Explainer: Paytm V / s GOOGLE: How did Paytm become a gambling app for Google? Know all the information you need

Paytm, India's most popular payment app was removed from its Play Store by Google for a few hours on September 18. Google alleges that Paytm is violating Play Store policy. Paytm is promoting sports gambling from the app, so it was removed under Indian law and Google's policy.

Paytm responded by saying that Google and its employees are making policies above the laws of our country. Apply it voluntarily. Paytm's logic: How can Google call a UPI cashback an 'online casino'? Surprisingly, Paytm's competitor Google Pay also runs a similar campaign through Fast Shorts. We have brought the sum of the whole chapter for you so that you can understand the whole matter.

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Is Paytm being misled?

A report quoted Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma as saying, "This is a concern of every regulator and government in our country, as our app is not a gambling app. While Google Pay and Paytm have similar features, there is no answer as to why only Paytm is targeted. '

What does Google have to say about this?

According to Google, offering cashback and vouchers is not a violation of Google Play's gambling policy. Last week we repeated our gambling policy again. Our policy does not allow online casinos. We do not support unregulated gambling apps that facilitate game-related gambling, including any fantasy sports in India. We have applied our policy prudently and are trying to provide a safe environment for our customers. Our policy is the same for all developers.

Was 'Paytm Cricket League' the only reason for Google ban?

Paytm says it launched the Paytm Cricket League on the app on September 11 and that's why Google removed it from the Play Store.

Was ‘Paytm Cricket League’ for UPI cashback?

According to Paytm, the Paytm Cricket League is a campaign where users can collect cricket stickers and scratch cards. This allows you to get UPI cashback. The offer was available on utility payments, UPI money transfer, and money transfer to the Paytm wallet.


How does Paytm Cricket League cashback work?

Users collect cricket-based stickers on payments like recharges, money transfers, bill payments etc. Users can win a sweepstakes cashback after collecting the sticker. Users can also gift this sticker to their friends.

Did Google remove Paytm after warning?

Paytm claims that it did not receive any warning from Google. Here is the reason Google gave Paytm: 'Content on your app that does not comply with the rules of gambling policy and offers loyalty points that are (1) being taken from real money purchases (2) then converted into real money Is. '

Did Paytm break any law on cashback?

 We have not broken any rules and have not violated the law. This has nothing to do with gambling.

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Is Google running a similar campaign?

Paytm alleges that Google Pay is also offering this type of cashback. Google Pay launched the Fast Shorts campaign at the start of the cricket season, Paytm said. He says to make a run and get a reward of up to one lakh rupees. Users can also get vouchers. Can unlock every achievement. Qualify for the lucky draw, through which they can get assured kits up to Rs 1 lakh. Also, get rewards and discounts ranging from 50 to 1,000 plus for different scores. This type of cashback campaign on Google Pay does not violate the Play Store policy, as Google imposes different rules on its applications.

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What does Paytm say on policy violations?

Paytm argues that increasing traffic or promoting fantasy sports is not gambling. According to Google's policy, Paytm First Games can do paid promotions on YouTube, but its advertising cannot run on the Paytm app. How is this Google Play has given us three written warnings on a separate issue related to the promotion of Paytm First Games on the Paytm app (on August 20, August 28, and September 1)? We fully refute the allegation that we have violated the policy in any way. We immediately stopped promoting our own gaming subsidiary and removed it from the app.

Are fantasy games really gambling?

Online gambling is a very complex subject. There is the issue of skill, chance, and strict regulation. There are also many problems in the policy due to the disruption in the rules of the policy and the different attitudes towards gambling in each state of India.

Since 1960, Supreme Court rulings have ruled that games like poker and gaming have a high level of skill. Here the element of chance is left behind. Because of this both games are called skill-based card games, so these games are kept separate from the anti-gaming regulation when they are played for a stack.

Gambling, however, is a matter for the states. Different states have different rules for this. Real in some states including Telangana and Odisha

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