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Friday, 18 September 2020


Hello friends, here I am bringing you Gujarat Employment News for you today and its information is given below and this information is given in the area below.

You will find one information below here and such information is also updated here daily.

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The Information Department plays a big role in communicating pro-people schemes of the government to all or any sections of the society.

The department acts as a two-way communication bridge between the govt and other people, because it effectively transmits information of government welfare schemes and programs to people and acquaints the beneficiaries about it, and at an equivalent time communicates the common man's feedback to the govt.

Since the day the state of Gujarat State was established (on 1st May 1960), the Information Department has been performing its functions during a responsible and fruitful manner, because of the diligence and focused efforts of its employees. the arrival and reach of data technology have changed the way people communicate. within the age of various 24-hour news channels and therefore the internet, the knowledge Department has not lagged behind in making effective use of varied communication media.

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With an array of high-tech cameras and skilled operators available, the department captures all important happenings and events within the State and furnishes news content to Doordarshan.

knowledge and knowledge within the rural areas. as an example, to acquaint the villagers with an electronic mechanical device, a mixture of Bhavai and plays was performed within the villages.

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