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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Electric bikes: Made in India bikes with a range of more than 14 km are launched at Rs 1, priced at Rs 50,000.

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Automobile Pvt. Ltd., an electric vehicle manufacturer, has come up with its powerful bike. The biggest feature of this bike is that it does not require a license or registration to drive. This is a low-speed electric bike approved by the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT). The name of this electric bike is Atum 1.0.

Why license and registration not required?
Riding a bike does not require a driving license or registration with the RTO. The reason is that the top speed of this bike is 25 km per hour. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, license and registration are required only if the speed of the vehicle exceeds 25 km per hour. Trains with a top speed of up to 25km / h will be provided with a card mentioning this act.

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Charging and range of electric bike
The Hyderabad-based company has given the Atom 1.0 electric bike a portable lithium-ion battery, which is fully charged in about 4 hours. The company claims that this bike can run up to 100 km after full charge because the top speed of the bike is 25 km / h, you will be able to travel 100 km with this bike in 4 hours. A distance of 25 km can be covered from the bike in 1 hour of charging. The bike comes with a 6kg lightweight portable battery pack, on which the company is also offering a 2-year battery warranty. It can also be charged from the home's common three-pin socket.

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Will run more than 14 km for 1 rupee
The company claims that this bike costs 1 unit of electricity to be fully charged. In such a case, the cost ranges from a minimum of Rs 7 to a maximum of Rs 10. This electric bike can run up to 100 km at a cost of Rs. That is, it will run more than 14 km at a cost of Rs.

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Design and specifications
The design of the bike is quite unique. From the side, this looks like a Yamaha RX 100. However, his seat is much smaller than that. Also, its front is very different. The front headlamps in the bike are not rounded and LED is installed all around. The bike is given 20X4 fat-tires. The bike has low seat high, indicators, taillights and a fully digital display. The starting price of the bike is Rs 50,000.

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