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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Facilities like private in government school: Swimming pool in Rajpur school in Gandhinagar, students are given firing training, elections are held every year to enhance leadership.

Hello friends, today I have brought this Sai News and you will find all the details of this news below and even at this time, a government school may have such a facility as a private school, but I am hot with the information that there is a school.

The children also do the distribution of positions themselves, from planning and handing over the election
Many government schools in Gujarat provide facilities like private schools. Today we are talking about a government school in Rajpur, Gandhinagar in the category of Gujarat's ideal school. 50 km from Ahmedabad city. A government school in a remote Rajpur village is being provided with state-of-the-art facilities as well as a variety of activities, which help the student to keep up with the learning. The school has a swimming pool facility for the students, special training is given to the children to train and lead in the firing. A cabinet has been formed for the students of the school, which has positions ranging from the Chief Minister to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and special elections and voting are also held for this purpose.

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Lessons in discipline and personality development are taught
Many large private schools in big cities charge millions of rupees for teaching discipline and personality development lessons, but the school in Rajpur village teaches discipline and personality development to the students. So when they drop out of school, they not only learn but also shape life.

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The children have new activities every day.
New activities are done every day for the children to come to study
25 km from Gandhinagar. Regarding the school in the remote village of Rajpur, all the children and parents of the village say that this is my school. Binduben, who was associated with the Gandhian ideology, joined the school as a teacher. When they came to this village, the number of children enrolled in school was 60, but only 35 children came to study. Binduben adopted a new way for the children of the village to come to school and started doing new activities every day.

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Trekking was done in Abu by the children.
Children organize their own school activities
Binduben said in a conversation with Divyabhaskar that we keep on doing new projects to give something new to the children studying in the school here. Even though the school is a government school, special arrangements are made to enhance the leadership skills of the children, from swimming pools to firing training and trekking. Elections are held here every year for children. These elections are held on the basis of ballot papers. Elected children are given positions in which they are appointed to the posts of Chief Minister, General Secretary, Education Minister, and Finance Minister. Elections are also organized by children and everything from the assignment of tasks to the distribution of leadership work is decided by children. The children organize the school and school activities themselves.

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