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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Megharaja's stormy batting: One to three and a half inches of rain in Amreli district, flooding, lightning strikes on mobile towers, live footage captured on camera

Heavy rains in Rajula flooded the roads and lightning struck the mobile tower in Hemal village.
Megharaja's stormy batting in Rajula, Jafrabad, Khambha panth, Ghodapur came in the rivers

Two days of heavy rains are forecast in Saurashtra. At that time, the weather in Amreli district changed in the afternoon and one to three and a half inches of rain was recorded and lightning struck the mobile tower in Hemal village. These scenes are captured on camera. In Gir Somnath district, on the other hand, low-lying areas were also inundated due to heavy rains. In Syed Rajpara village in Una, houses were flooded in low-lying areas, leaving people in dire straits. Heavy rains in Una's Umej village have destroyed the rubble and walls of four family houses. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.

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The low-lying areas of Syed Rajpara village in Una were flooded
Megharaja's tumultuous batting at Rajula, Jafrabad, Khambha
It rained with thunder in Rajula, Jafrabad, Khambha and other talukas today. Ghodapur has been flooded in the local rivers due to heavy rains in Rajula city and villages including Pipavav Port, Chhatadia, Bherai, Katar. Most of the villages in Jafrabad taluka including Timbi, Hemal, Lothpur, Bhakodar, Dudhala, Vandh have received torrential rains. Lightning struck the tower of a mobile in Hemal village of Jafrabad, causing a commotion among the people.

Ghodapur in local rivers due to torrential rains in Khambha panth.
Fall in Khambha taluka
In Khambha taluka also, the water was turned back due to heavy rains. The area including Dedan, Trakuda, Bhavardi, Ningala, Jamka, Mota Barman of Khambha has received 3 inches of rain. Live scenes of lightning strikes in Hanumanpara village of Khamba were captured on camera. Megharaja's tumultuous batting was seen in Khambha Panth. Ghodapur was flooded in Asoka river due to torrential rains in Dedan village.

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 Due to heavy rains, Patelpara area was separated from Dedan village. 5 gates of Raydi Dam of Khambha have been opened. Electrical appliances have been burnt in the houses of the people in Tatania village due to lightning strike. A young man was shocked when he was struck by lightning while playing a game on a charged mobile. No casualties were reported, however. Rain water has infiltrated in Khodiyar temple with Tatania. Markets in Savarkundla have been flooded due to heavy rains.

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Heavy rains in Khambha's Dedan village flooded roads.
The flagpole collapsed due to lightning at the temple in Bhavnagar
It rained heavily in Bhavnagar at 2 am with thunderstorms. It rained in villages including Sidsar, Aghewada, Ruwa near Bhavnagar. Lightning struck the dome of a temple in Bhavnagar's Subhashnagar Suman township, damaging it. The flagpole of the temple was torn down. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.

Ghodapur came into the river due to heavy rains in Khambha panth.
Heavy rains in Babra
Heavy rains have started in Babra district. It is raining slowly in villages including Chamardi, Charkha, Ingrola, Pirkhijadia, Vavdi, Dharai, Gamapipaliya, Nilwada, Balel Pipaliya, Atwad, Navania, Raipar, Kotdapitha. Coolness has permeated the rainy weather with thunderstorms.

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