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Sunday, 13 September 2020

New order announced by the government, there have been big changes in the rules regarding two wheelers

handholds and saree guards compulsory for bikes with pillion riders as per new rules check

The central government is bringing in new rules to enhance road safety. The rules of the bike have also been changed. Handhold and sari guards have been asked to be installed. Guidelines have also been issued for keeping containers on the back of the bike.

  • New rules announced by the government
  • Big changes to the rules for two-wheelers
  • New commands have arrived for bike riders

The central government is constantly working on vehicle safety. This is because some of the rules have changed. Recently the new guidelines of the ministry have come for bike riders. A guideline was also released last month. It will have a hand hold on the back of the driver's seat on both sides of the bike. Its purpose is to maintain the safety of the occupants. Most bikes do not have this feature. With this, it has been made necessary for the person sitting on the back of the bike to have a foot stand on both sides.

This is mentioned in the guideline

The guideline states that at least half of the right side towards the rear wheel of the bike must be safely covered. The clothes of the person sitting in the back do not get caught in the rear wheel. Recently, the government has also announced new guidelines for tires. Based on this, a tire pressure monitoring system is suggested for vehicles weighing a maximum of 3.5 tons.


With the help of sensors in this system, the driver gets information about the air condition in the tires of the vehicle. Along with that the ministry has praised the tire repair kit. The car will no longer need extra tires once it is implemented.

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