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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Now it is easier to pay by card, Google Pay has launched this new special service

Now it is easier to pay by card, Google Pay has launched this new special service

Google on Monday announced the launch of an NFC-based tokenization service for the convenience of users. The company has rolled out the service on each of its platforms. Google is working closely with Visa and banking partners for the Pay Tokenization service.

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The new service will provide many facilities

Simply put, Google Pay users will now be able to pay with their debit and credit cards without having to swipe. Users do not have to physically share their debit or credit card details. Payment can be made through a secure digital token attached to the mobile number attached to the card.

This service of Google Pay can be very helpful for the users in the time of Corona. In addition, Google Pay users will be able to make payments at the Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled point of sales (POS) terminal using the tap-to-pay feature. There will also be an online payment facility.

Who can use this service?

Google's new payment feature is currently only available to Axis and SBI cardholders. However, the new feature of Google Pay will soon be available for debit and credit cards of other banks in the country.

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How to use

Users will need to enable the tap and pay feature on their smartphones to use Google's services. For this, users will have to set up one time by entering their card details. OTP will come from the bank for users to add the card to the Google app. This way the feature can be used to make payments on NFC enabled terminals after registration.

The service will also be available in offline mode

Google Pay business head Sajith Sivanandan said, "We hope the tokenization feature will encourage users to make secure transactions." At the same time, this service can be extended online as well as offline. Currently this feature is only available for online payment.


According to the company, users will have to register their card details in the tap and pay feature of the smartphone. Payment will then be made through OTP. According to the company, this bank fraud can also be banned to some extent.

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