SBI has alerted millions of its customers, if they don't pay attention, it will be their turn to repent.

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Hello friends, today I am laine aviyo the information of this benk for you and you will find all its information here in the area below and you will also find the information of very unfamiliar work here.

Cases of banking fraud are on the rise in the country. Fraudsters are trapping people with new tricks. State Bank of India (SBI), the country's largest bank, is constantly warning people to avoid such scams. In the same link, SBI has revealed a new trick of thugs. At the same time, the SBI also stated what you should do when you fall victim to such scams and how you can save your hard-earned money from being swindled by these scams.

SBI has alerted millions of its customers that fake emails are being sent to our customers. SBI has nothing to do with this e-mail. Avoid opening e-mail in Teva.SBI also said that it does not send such emails to its customers.

The SBI said that if you also receive any such mail in the name of SBI, report it immediately. SBI also provided a link in the tweet. You can report any such e-mails from fraudsters to this portal. 

The National Cyber ​​Cell will then take necessary action. In this tweet, SBI has also given a link to its internet banking. Customers using SBI online banking service can avail of SBI banking service only through this portal. SBI said that any banking services can be availed only through the official portal. Failure to do so could result in banking fraud.

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This portal is operated by the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal, where you can file a cyber-related complaint.
Complaints against cyber crimes against women and children can be lodged on this portal.

  1. There are two options for filing a complaint on this government portal. Under the first option, children or women can file a complaint against any cybercrime. In the second option, all other types of cybercrime can be reported. In the case of banking fraud, you have to choose another option.
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    Complain this way on the Cyber ​​Crime Portal


With this second option, you have to enter your state name, login ID, mobile number, and OTP to register a complaint. If you are a new user, first register yourself on this portal. You must provide your mobile number to register as a new user.

 After which an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Upon submission of OTP, registration will be completed. You will then be able to file your complaint. This work will be completed in a matter of minutes.

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