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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Temple in Unlock-4: The doors of Kamakhya temple in Guwahati will open on September 24, no one can stay inside the temple for more than 15 minutes, only 500 people can visit all day

Shaktipeeth Kamakhya temple has been closed since March, guidelines for opening the temple were issued

According to the Temple Trust, 1500 to 2000 people were coming to Darshan daily before the lockdown

The doors of the Mahashakti Peeth Kamakhya temple in Assam, which has been closed since March 17, will be open for devotees from September 24. The temple trust has started preparations for it. Very strict guidelines have been laid down for darshan in the temple. Several cases of corona are coming up in Guwahati at the moment, but the demand to open a temple has also been going on for a long time.

Earlier the trust had proposed that people should be allowed to enter the temple only for circumambulation. About 500 people will be admitted to the temple throughout the day from September 24. No one can stay in the temple for more than 15 minutes. The temple trust is fully prepared to open the temple as per the guidelines laid down by the government.

According to the Temple Trust, between 1,500 and 2,000 people were visiting daily before the lockdown. 20 to 25 lakh people also come during the festive season. Especially during the Ambuvachi festival, which is held in the month of June, the number of devotees in the temple is very high.

The rules for entering the temple will be: -

Online booking for the darshan will be done at least one day in advance from the temple's website.

Time will be given for darshan from the temple.

No more than a hundred people can enter the temple at a time.

Your corona report for darshan should be negative.

No devotee can stay in the temple for more than 15 minutes.

Outsiders will not be involved for any special worship etc.

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The temple will be sanitized every two hours.

People coming to the temple will also have a rapid antigen test. For this, a medical team will be in the temple.

Heavy damage to the temple in lockdown: -

The temple was closed on March 17 during the lockdown. This has caused a lot of damage to the trust. The income from donations to the temple is almost non-existent at this time. The Ambuwachi fair, which is held in June every year, could not be held this time, which has reduced the donations to the temple to almost zero. The temple cleaners are being paid their full salary, but the staff who are at home are being paid only 40 percent. The temple has about 250 employees.

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