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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

This is a small mistake that can cause your driving license to be confiscated - find out soon

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, up to 10 times the currency is provided in some cases and the license is confiscated in some cases if the traffic rules are not followed. In such a situation you may face big trouble due to minor negligence due to traffic rules. We will tell you some such rules, if you do not follow them your driving license may be confiscated.

Using a phone while driving is strictly prohibited. By law, the driver can set the vehicle upright while driving and use the navigation. Apart from this, if you are seen using the phone for any other work, you may face heavy fines, and your license may be confiscated.

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Zebra crossings are built so that pedestrians can easily cross the road. Often, during a traffic signal, the zebra crossing stops after crossing. When as a rule the vehicle should be stopped before crossing the zebra crossing. Violators can face heavy fines. Not only that, the traffic police can also confiscate the license if they want.

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If you are driving on the roads around the school or hospital, then control the speed. Driving at high speeds is not allowed in these places. Most speed limit boards are also installed in such places. In these places, the speed of the vehicle should not exceed 25 km per hour. You could be fined for breaking the rules. Also, your driving license can be confiscated.

Playing loud music with the glass open while driving is also on the list of breaking rules. You may be fined for doing so. The traffic police can fine you Rs 100 for this. They can also confiscate your license.

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