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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Top 10 Zero Investment Business Ideas With High Profits

One of my dreams has always been to open a business

Surprising isn’t it? But if you look around, countless zero investment business ideas are simply up for the grabs.

If you’re among those countless Indians aspiring to start a business, here’s my shortlist of 20 zero investment business ideas.

Making the best use of available resources and your personal skills is the only investment you need instead of money.

If you’re among those countless Indians aspiring to start a business, here’s my shortlist of 20 zero investment business ideas.

Best 10 Business Ideas without Investment

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Online Business Ideas With Zero Investment
You’ll require a computer and Internet connection to start an online business without investment. 

01. Blogging
Unfortunately, most Indians believe that blogging is very difficult. I’ll assure you it’s not. Even starting a blog is easy and does not take more than 30 minutes to start and design it.

There’re two ways to open a blog. One by creating a free website on various platforms such as The other is investing less than Rs.3,000 on your own domain name, hosting, and other necessary things.

Subscribe to Google AdSense once your blog gets a certain amount of traffic.

Google AdSense displays ads on your blogs. And when somebody clicks on these ads, you get some money.

02. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is very popular in India nowadays. Amazon India and Flipkart are some examples.

There’re several ways to do affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing using your Facebook account or open a free blog. Write excellent product reviews about the stuff you wish to sell as an affiliate marketer.

 Joining affiliate marketing programs is free.

03. Vlogging
Vlogging is another best business without investment. It involves opening a free channel on YouTube. There’s no need to invest in a camera or other equipment. The video camera on your smartphone would be enough.

Create excellent videos about something you’re passionate about. Upload them on your YouTube channel. Promote these videos using your Facebook page and email.

 Subscribe to Google AdSense that will pay you for ads that people click on while watching your videos.

04. Dropshipping
 It’s fairly easy to set up your own dropshipping business online.

First, identify products that you wish to sell through dropshipping. The next step is to approach suppliers and manufacturers of these products and finalize a deal.

05. Resume Writing
 And I’m talking about some really good money. Most job applicants don’t know how to write a killer Résumé that can get the call to interview.

That’s because they aren’t even aware of the difference between a Curriculum Vitae, Résumé and Bio-Data. These are three different documents.

An employer asks for a CV, Résumé, or Bio-Data depending upon the type of employees they want. Most fresher candidates aren’t aware of writing these documents.  This is a very profitable business if you have excellent writing skills.

06. Yoga Coach
The ancient Indian art of Yoga is immensely popular. And people love Yoga because it doesn’t involve heavy exercising at a gym.

Usually, women opt for Yoga because they can’t find time while juggling between various household tasks and socializing.

There’re several excellent Yoga institutes in India where you can learn Yoga and get a certification as an instructor. Understandably, it’s going to cost some money.

07. Repacking Services
Repacking services? You might wonder what are these. Actually, repacking services involves three main processes.

That’s unpacking a large crate or box, checking the items for any damage, and repacking them into small boxes or packets for sale or dispatch. This service is very important for wholesalers and retailers.

Once you’ve made smaller boxes or packages, the customer will collect them for onward dispatch to customers. The service is generally used by dealers of gift items and stationery.

08. Cleaning Services
Busy schedules and shortage of reliable domestic helpers cause people to look for cleaning services for their homes and offices.

The demand for cleaning services is particularly high before festive seasons, weddings, special occasions, moving to premises, or after renovation. Cleaning services are an evergreen business.

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to clean an entire home or office alone. In such cases, you can hire laborers whenever you get a task or contract.

A small investment in cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops, disinfectants, and perhaps and vacuum cleaner would suffice. You’ll pay the labor after they complete the task.

09. Manicure & Pedicure
Maybe this comes as a shocker: Indian men are also now large customers for manicure and pedicure of their nails. That’s because of high disposable income among millennials and the compelling urge for personal grooming.

Regardless of whether you’re a woman or man, a manicure and pedicure business is something you can do with almost zero investment.

The only expense would be on some gear. Usually, there’s a high demand for manicure and pedicure during the wedding season and other special occasions.

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10. Labor Contractor
When I speak about Labor Contractor, I’m not referring to construction work. Instead, I’m speaking about workers for bars and restaurants, weddings and banquet halls.

Medium and smaller restaurants in India depend upon casual workers to perform tasks such as waiters, kitchen helpers, and cleaners, among others.

Since the sector is largely unorganized, the attrition rates are extremely high.

Research in Mumbai reveals that at least one worker leaves their job daily for various reasons. Hence, restaurateurs have to scramble to fill up the vacancy.

They’re willing to pay labor contractors that can provide workers temporarily. This is a superb business without investment.

All you need is some superb contacts with restaurants, caterers, and banquet halls. And the ability to gather workers at short notice.

Closing Thoughts
The top 10 zero investment business ideas which might encourage you to become an entrepreneur. 

Classic examples are KFC and Airbnb. You too might strike it rich one day by using any of these top10 zero investment business ideas.

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