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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Where do you go, who do you meet? All your location information is being sold. They also know which ATM

Where do you go, who do you meet?  All your location information is being sold.

Hello friends, today I have brought good and true news for you, and below is the information given in its entirety and area and below this information, if you want to read it in Gujarati, it is also given as a link.

When the data of users of more than 100 countries with accounts on various adult dating sites and e-commerce sites was leaked on Monday, Bhaskar spoke to agents and exposed the black market of data transactions.  Now besides your name, address, business, credit card, debit card, pen, Aadhaar, from which ATM are you withdrawing money, where are you going, what are you eating in which restaurant?  

Information such as data mafias are selling your one-to-one movement location is sold.  Maps installed in your mobile, dating app, taxi app, gaming app, scanning app, meeting app, sharing app are sold to your consent maker. Your drug account empties.  The sample provided by the French company in Bhaskar's sting operation contained data of 30 lakh people from the country and 5 lakh people from Gujarat in the 100 GB sample.

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In this way, Bhaskar got private data of 3 million people. 

1. To expose the sale and purchase of Bhaskaredata, he contacted more than 15 local and foreign companies and talked about buying data. Data is prepared as per demand and given in two days. 
2.  is right.  In a short time, the password becomes popular.  Data was ready to give a password 
3.  In it, after some difficulties of 40 lakh people across the country, the French company Sample and 5 lakh people from Gujarat got the data.  
4. It also includes people's phone brand, model, app, Android 4 version, SIM number and name and location data of mobile service provider.

PIL (Personal Identifiable Information) data like credit debit card number, account number, PIN number, Aadhaar / PEN number is expensive in the gray market, while location data is available at half price.  Hackers can get financial information even more easily than this, 5 companies buy location data to sell their brands.  

The opponent targets you on social media by creating a cheap product.  Customers who buy their own products can differentiate and create a marketing strategy.  This information reaches your dealer/supplier.  Information - Prices are based on numbers Information Price Phone Related Fee Location lakh 6000 per Million Location 16 16 Per Person Credit Card Debit Card Dealer

Question: Can I get people's location data?  
Agent: Will be found.  We will process and deliver in two days as per the demand of your company.  

Question: What kind of location data can you provide?  
Agent: We will be able to provide data of old location along with the live location.  I.e. current location and location history. 

Question: What is a live location?  
Agent: So where do people go?  We constantly track.  But we will give this only after the deal.  

Question: How much information can you provide?  
Agent: What is the agent on your phone?  Where have you been in 30 days?  Which brands went to shops or restaurants, ATMs, etc. will be able to give everything.  We can also track your company's information and its application data, it costs more money.  

Question: Can data be found according to a specific area?  
Agent: Yes, our team will provide data by area.  State your technical requirement so that our team understands.  

Question: Can I get some sample data to explain to the team?  
Agent:  So the sample will be given to you on FTP, but it will be old data, you will also get access.  It will only work for a few days.

How do your data companies buy?  

Most app companies buy data according to their customer's demand and send it to them.  Location Track allows people to shop online or go to the store.  After that, the ads of the items searched in Google are constantly hitting you.  Online ones are sent advertisements of online companies and shoppers are sent a list of shops.  This is done until you make a purchase.  If you have bought groceries online then with the help of AI it is known that now the groceries have been used so it happens again.  According to experts, even if the location is kept off in the mobile, the user's location can be tracked. 

Bhaskar Expert Skill Bhavsar, 

Cyber ​​Security Financial fraud can happen only on the basis of date of birth, phone number We give a lot of access to many applications without the need.  It transmits private information to the server in the background.  Some companies use this information for themselves. 

 So some make money by selling it, all this is so dangerous that if a hacker wants, he can get all the details of the bank based on your date of birth and phone number and also transact.  

The greater risk is from companies whose servers are overseas.  Because of this, even the law cannot do anything against them.  There are only two ways to escape.  - Be careful and use the web instead of the app.

Share this news with other people and spread it to more and more people and this news work is given to you below the link of Gujarati and if you don't have any information, show it to us by commenting.

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