A new case of the corona is coming up every second in America, lockdown in France, corona cases in Germany-Spain

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In the world of Corona: A new case of the corona is coming up every second in America, lockdown in France, corona cases in Germany-Spain

Queue of vehicles outside a testing center in El Paso, USA on Monday. In the last 24 hours, 90,000 new cases were reported in the United States. More than a thousand people have died.

A total of 4.53 crore cases of corona in the world, more than 3.29 crore patients were cured
In the United States, more than 91.18 million people became infected, and more than 2.33 million lost their lives

The number of Corona cases in the world has crossed 4.53 crore. 3 crore 29 lakh 85 thousand 561 patients have recovered. More than 11.85 lakh people have died so far. These statistics are according to www.worldometers.info/coronavirus. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 90,000 new cases were reported in a single day in the United States for the first time since the epidemic began. 1 thousand 21 people also died during this period.

According to the New York Times, one person transitions every second in America. New cases are on the rise in 48 of the 50 states. Taiwan, on the other hand, is a unique example. Not a single case of local transition has been reported here since 200 days (April 12).

In a
statement issued Friday morning, Johns Hopkins said that 90,000 new cases had been filed in the United States. This is the highest number of corona cases reported in a single day since the epidemic began. However, the New York Times put the number at 86,000. A total of 91,295 new cases were registered on Thursday.

 This data has been collected by the Baltimore School. 2 lakh 28 thousand 626 people have died in the country. The United States has the highest number of corona cases and the highest number of deaths from corona. About 88,000 new cases were reported on Wednesday. U.S. President Trump has claimed that more cases are coming up because of more testing.

Not a single case of local transmission in Taiwan for 200 days
Taiwan tried to overcome the transition quickly. Its results are also clear. A media report from the United States states that not a single case of local transmission has been reported in Taiwan for the past 200 days. So far 550 cases have been reported here. The last local case in Taiwan came on April 12, according to a Bloomberg report. No local cases of transition have been reported since then. Since then, no local case of infection has been reported here. The Australian Medical Center said New Zealand and Taiwan had the best control of the virus.

The second wave of corona in Russia is dangerous.
About 18,000 new cases of corona were reported in Russia on Thursday. Following this, the health department has alerted all the hospitals and medical care centers in the country. Notably, 366 people died during this period. The only relief is that 14,000 patients have recovered in the meantime. More than 11 lakh cases have been registered in the country so far.

Health workers rest before going to the ward in a Moscow hospital. In Russia, as in European countries, the second wave of transition is proving to be dangerous. 18,000 cases were reported here on Thursday. 366 people died during this time.

Initiatives of
European countries In European countries, patients from one country can be shifted to hospitals in another country.

 A special fund transfer scheme has also been launched for this. It has been agreed with European countries. 

In addition to France and Germany, corona cases are on the rise in Spain and the government is on alert. Transferring patients is also not a problem in European countries as most countries are small and have open borders. 

Pan can be easily traveled from one country to another by road. "The transition is growing rapidly and cooperation is needed to fight it," said Von der Leyen, head of the EU Commission. We try to keep the health department working as strongly as before.

A month-long lockdown has begun in France. All rest restaurants and hotels are completely closed. The European countries decided under a good system that if the beds in the hospitals of one country are less, then they can be shifted to another country. Special funds have also been created for this. (File)

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5600 American patients die in one week
is quite close to the elections in the United States, but here are growing rapidly koronana cases. More than five lakh new cases are coming up in a week.

 Meanwhile 5600 patients died. The news agency Reuters has given this information. The state most affected by the corona is Illinois. 

31 thousand cases have been reported in this state. The situation is also rapidly deteriorating in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. "We don't want Corona to have any trouble voting in the election," said Andre Pome, Wisconsin's health chief. Every necessary arrangement is being made for this.

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