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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Bapu, a disciple of 'Bapa', swallowed and said: 'Keshubhai was naive, those sitting on his shoulders are on the throne of Delhi-Gandhinagar today, I regret to remove him from the post of CM

Divya Bhaskar Exclusive: Bapu, a disciple of 'Bapa', swallowed and said: 'Keshubhai was naive, those sitting on his shoulders are on the throne of Delhi-Gandhinagar today, I regret to remove him from the post of C

Veteran Gujarat BJP leader and former chief minister Keshubhai Patel has died at the age of 92 today. There is an atmosphere of mourning all over Gujarat. In the hour of mourning, Divya Bhaskar spoke to former Chief Minister Shankarsinh Vaghela, a one-time ally of Keshubhai Patel and later a political rival. Keshubhai breathed his last at a private hospital in Ahmedabad at 11.55 am. 

Manish Mehta, editor of Divya Bhaskar, spoke to Shankarsinh, a disciple of Keshubhai, at 12.30 pm. The grief of losing an old comrade was reflected in Shankarsinh's voice. 

Before starting talking on the phone, Shankarsinh could not speak for two minutes. Gradually he began chewing on memories with an old mate. Every now and then they would get emotional and stop talking. In the conversation that lasted for about 15 minutes, the reminiscences of 'Bapu' about 'Bapa' in his own words ...

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Hon'ble Keshubhai Patel is not with us. News of his tragic demise has just arrived. We have had a relationship for the last 52-54 years. In this party or at that party, whether in position or in opposition, wherever we are, we had a very sad and happy relationship. He also had family ties with Keshubhai Patel.

 My father was allowed to go to his house. Keshubhai lived in Gandhinagar keeping buffaloes. His wife Lilaba who passed away earlier. Sometimes they need hay or if they want to eat millet, my Bapuji would arrange it.

Although Keshubhai himself was not very educated, he was far-sighted and resourceful. He also gave mentors to the workers. 

He worked hard for rural Gujarat, farmers and agriculture. He made the question of Narmada a prestige issue. 

They believed that this should be resolved. In this way he gave Narmada to Gujarat. Introduced 'Gokul Gram' scheme for villages. Resourceful Keshubhai lovingly protecting the workers.

Keshubapa was sad at last. People are sitting on the shoulders of Delhi and Gandhinagar today sitting on their shoulders. He was saddened and left the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

THE New GPP party started. It is normal to not get cooperation at any time. But the demise of such a man who can be called Bhishma Pitamah of BJP has caused a great loss to the public life of Gujarat.

Whatever the party, he has never maintained political relations. Neither this party nor that party kept it that way. Having a personal introduction.

 If there was any work to be done, Keshubhai would personally see it resolved. Meanwhile, Keshubhai was very saddened by the death of his son.

 He finally had a physical problem as well. I didn't even visit anyone, but when I say that I am coming to meet Keshubhai, I come to ask for information, I call him with love. Let's have breakfast. Were very fond of snacks. He also quit smoking before.

Keshubhai Patel's surname was Desai. He was originally from Vaso village in Kheda. When he went to Rajkot, he wrote Patel surname due to political insistence. 

Such Keshubhai Patel used to participate in any program or movement. Once there was a march to Pakistan in Sui village. Where there was a desert of salt, if you put your foot in it, the salt crumbs will slip into your feet. His legs were bloody, his health was deteriorating, but he did not give up. However, a police jeep later came and took them back. Was such an adventurous man. He did not back down anywhere.

If there was a Chief Minister in the party, it does not seem that he is living a life as a Chief Minister. An economically very ordinary family. Running the flour mill itself. The tractors were also driven manually. We cannot believe that such a great man could do such a thing.

Keshubhai has been instrumental in getting Jansangh or BJP to Delhi today. He finally had a lot of physical distress. It was difficult to walk, but if there was a program, if someone had a wedding or if someone had a seat, I would go there with the help of an activist to share in his joys and sorrows.

I assure his daughter Sonalben, son Ashok that God give them the strength to endure. Gives salvation to the soul of Keshubapa. He has guided many people from time to time. Whether it is Babubhai Jashbhai Patel or Atal Bihar Vajpayee or L. That. Advani, Keshubhai's suggestion should be different from all, original and resourceful.

It is not wrong to say that Keshubapa was instrumental in making the Narmada project a reality for the prosperity of Gujarat. We were the ‘party’. 'P' means Patel and 'X' means Kshatriya. This 'party' was defined by Bhaikaka.

Keshubapa has a lion's share in putting all the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party on his shoulders. Had it not been for him, there might not have been the Bharatiya Janata Party and his government in Delhi. However, Keshubapa was cheated. He was born in my name or in another name, but he was a very naive man. They never remember in mind. He would have taken it immediately if someone had said it and thus made decisions based on misinformation somewhere, but Keshubapa's contribution is not to be forgotten.

I wonder in life what this man has suffered in life. He was going to America when his throne was gone. Then I said that Keshubhai, when you come back, you may not be the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

 There is a huge fire inside the party. There is resentment within the MLAs and if you come back you will not be the Chief Minister. This is what I told him and seeing what happened later, I felt how much this man had suffered in the face of power. Agitations done, everything done. What did he suffer today? I was most saddened when Keshubhai Patel stepped down as Chief Minister.

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I have done it politically, but behind it was the contribution of the people who, in the name of an earthquake, defeated the BJP in the by-elections and removed them. Keshubhai was saddened by the death of such a conspiratorial leadership in the BJP. That is why he left the BJP. The new party he created GPP. Naturally, the new party did not get a response, but he left the party at such a young age, publicly accusing the party of Hitler.

The people of Gujarat understand all these words of Keshubhai Patel today. Not among us today. We may not have heard or understood much of his words, but today we have to remember the words and understand that if Keshubhai is calling the leaders sitting on the shoulders of his party Hitler, then the following leaders from above BJP have to understand the reason for saying this. 

Keshubhai was a straight man, a man walking in a straight line. Involved Keshubhai in the wrong place and removed him from the Chief Minister, removed him from politics forever.

 It is natural to feel sad from the party. Doesn't he regret leaving the party he gave birth to? How would you feel if you had to leave your home? Keshubapa was very sad, so he left the BJP and started a new party.

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