Cybersecurity firm Avast Alert of 21 adware gaming apps on Google Play Store

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Caution: Be careful if you use these 21 gaming apps, Avast declared it Malaysian - it forcibly shows ads to the user when it is downloaded.

Adware forcibly displays advertisements against the wishes of the user
21 gaming apps with adware have received 8 million downloads

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If you are a gaming lover then you need to be careful. Cybersecurity firm Avast has identified 21 Malaysian (one-of-a-kind) apps on the Google Play Store.

 All of these apps contained adware. These apps display ads against the wishes of the actual user, identifying themselves as having timepass and fun content. It attracts the user to download other similar gaming apps. Almost all apps are still available for download at PlayStop.

These 21 apps identified by Avast are in the adware category. Although these apps and games do not steal any data or perform any sensitive activities, they forcibly display advertisements to the user to generate revenue. Once this app is downloaded, it starts working.

It has been downloaded 8 million times so far

The app and games have been downloaded about 8 million times so far, according to Censor Tower statistics. Some users said that their focus was on the download page of some of these apps through YouTube ads, which claimed to be a better and different game than existing games. After downloading the games, the smartphone was flooded with advertisements.

Adware developers have been using social media channels for a long time. This time the user reports that they were targeted for ads promoting games on YouTube. Adware spread through Tiktok in September, said Jacob Wavra, a threat analyst at Avast.

Now it's hard to remove it from the device
This type of software presents itself as a secure and useful application, but they display unwanted ads. Its icon is hidden and ads are displayed with relevant appearances so that users cannot remove it in the smartphone. So it becomes difficult to identify and remove.

Avast has identified these adware apps. According to the report, 21 apps listed by Avast are under investigation. Shoot Them, Crush Car, Rolling Scroll, Assassin's Legend, Helicopter Shoot, Helicopter Attack Rugby Pass, Iron Eat, Flying Skateboard, Shooting Run, Plant Monster, Find Hidden, Find 5 Differences, Rotate Shape, Jump Dive, , Swe Man, Money Destroyer, Desert Against, Cream Trip and Pops Rescue Games.

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