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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Dispute:The umpire was stretching his hand to give wide, seeing Dhoni's anger changed his mind - did not give wide!

The umpire was stretching his hand to give wide, but seeing Dhoni's reaction, he canceled the wide.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's side won by 20 runs in the 29th match of IPL 2020 between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad on Tuesday. However, Dhoni's anger over Chennai's win in the match was a topic of discussion. It so happened that in the 19th over of Hyderabad's innings, Shardul Thakur bowled the second ball off-stump. The ball was pitched outside the tramline (wide mark) and Australian umpire Paul was going to give the rifle wide.

The rifle also began to stretch its arms to give wide. Meanwhile, Rifle changed his mind when he saw Dhoni getting angry and did not give wide. At that time, Hyderabad needed 25 off 11 balls. The decision had no effect on the match as Rashid Khan, who was playing 13 off 4 balls, was hit-wicket after three balls.

Hyderabad captain David Warner expressed anger over the dugout as the umpire reversed his decision, while Shahbaz Nadeem, who was standing at the non-striker end, also spoke to the umpire.

It was clear in the replay that the ball was out of the tram line. In fact the tram line is not considered if the batsman has come out of the off-stump and played, but in this case Rashid Khan was playing from his place, but was the umpire right in reversing his decision? What does the rule say?

According to Section 2.12 of the IPL match-playing condition, "The umpire may reverse his decision if he decides to reverse the decision immediately. Otherwise, once the umpire makes a decision, then it is final."

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