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Friday, 23 October 2020

Ground report from Shaktipeeth Pavagadh

Ground report from Shaktipeeth Pavagadh:Where 10 lakh devotees used to flock to Aso Navratri, there is a sound that would be heard if a needle falls on the steps today.

Despite the closure of Pavagadh temple during Aso Navratri, about 8 to 10 thousand devotees reach for virtual darshan of mother every day.
Devotees take advantage of the mother's live darshan through LEDs with a social distance of 6 feet in the dome set up at Manchi
On the Pavagadh hill, where the echoes of Mahakali Mata can be heard in the mouths of the devotees, this time there is a roar.

Mahakali Mata's shrine on one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, Pavagadh Dungar, has been closed for Aso Navratri following the Koro epidemic across the country. For the first time in history, the Pavagadh temple is being closed on Aso Navratri. Every year during Aso Navratri, a lot of devotees come from all over the country including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh to see the mother. For the first time in Aso Navratri, devotees could not go to the temple to see the mother. As a result, ropeways and businesses have been shut down, affecting the livelihoods of more than 400 people.

Devotees are admitted for virtual darshan only after the screening
The Pavagadh temple is closed this year, but 2 LED screens have been set up at the foothills of Pavagadh and Manchi for a virtual view of the mother. So that 8 to 10 thousand devotees reach for the virtual darshan of the mother every day. However, as the Collector has issued a notification banning the taking of private vehicles at Pavagadh Dungar and Manchi, the vehicles are stopped at the Pavagadh bus stand and the devotees reach Manchi in about 20 buses placed by the ST department. Even after reaching there, it is mandatory to wash hands with sanitizer and only after screening one gets access to the dome prepared for the mother's virtual darshan. Even in this pandal, kundalas have been prepared for the devotees to stand at a distance of 6 feet. So that social distance is maintained and the transmission of corona does not spread. And the LED screen has been set up to see the devotees and leave immediately. So that the crowd does not gather in the dome. Apart from this, devotees can also go to the temple trust's website and watch the mother's live darshan.

Where the mother's cheers can be heard, the sound can be heard even if the needle falls on the roads
. The ropeway is closed. Due to the ban on entry to the Pavagadh temple, the steps of the hill are seen smoothly. The steps on which millions of people can be seen on Aso Navratri are Khalikham. The roads in the hills which used to hear the echo of mother's joy in the mouths of the devotees, are deafening even if needles fall on the roads.

Pavagadh temple closed The condition of the families of more than 400 traders Kafodi
Chaitri Navratri was locked before the arrival of Chetri Navratri Pavagadh temple is also closed and now this Aso Navratri also the situation of more than 400 traders is Kafodi. Traders could earn a living in Chaitri Navratri and earn a living even in the monsoon. However, after Chaitri Navratri this year, even in Aso Navratri, their business has come to a standstill and it has become difficult for the family to make a living and the business worth crores of rupees has come to a standstill. Coconut-prasad, hotel and tea-snack trade has come to a standstill on Pavagadh hill. His goods worth lakhs of rupees, including coconuts, are also falling without being sold.

The traders say that we have suffered huge financial loss, but
we need to stop the transition. Local traders say that we have suffered huge financial loss as the temple was closed during Chetri Navratri and Aso Navratri. However it is not good that we just want our advantage. With the Pavagadh temple closed, the transition will stop spreading and we are also worried about our family members. So we also wanted the temple to be closed.

A convoy of 700 police personnel and officers has been deployed
during Navratri as the Pavagadh temple was closed. A convoy of about 700 police personnel and officers including 2 DYSPs, 7 PIs and 40 PSIs has been deployed. He keeps a close eye on the crowd of devotees who come for the virtual darshan. 4 to 5 check posts have been set up near Vada Lake. Panchmahal District SP Leena Patil said Panchmahal and Dahod police have been deployed at Pavagadh temple. We will take care of the security of the devotees and social distance as well.

Morning and evening Aarti is performed in
Pavagadh Mahakali Mata temple. The gates of Mahakali Mata temple sitting on the hill of Pavagadh are opened every morning at 5 am and decoration is done first, followed by Aarti-puja. The thal is held in the afternoon and the gates of the temple are closed after performing Aarti-puja in the evening.

Devotees who arrived from Madhya Pradesh on bicycles say that for the first time in 7 years they could not do
darshan. We knew the temple was closed, but we didn't want to break the rule of coming every year. So we have come. However, for the first time this year, he could not go to the hill to see his mother. Have done virtual darshan though.

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The trustee of the temple says that thousands of devotees took advantage of the darshan with social distances.
Pavagadh temple trustee Rajubhai Bhatt said, Decided. However Mataji has arranged a virtual darshan. Thousands of devotees have taken advantage of Darshan with social distance. The Panchmahal district administration, police and the temple trust are committed to the safety of the devotees.
(Reporting and photos: Maqsood Malik, Halol)

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