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Friday, 23 October 2020

Here's how to avoid Corona while traveling by bus-train

Here's how to avoid Corona while traveling by bus-train:US Health Agency CDC New Guidelines - Wearing a mask while traveling reduces the risk of corona infection by 50%

CDC's advice: Public transport carries the highest risk of infection, so do not travel without a mask.
Public transport operators should not allow passengers without masks to travel, give masks to those in need

Traveling on public transport can be dangerous during Corona's time. We have come in contact with people despite taking all precautions while traveling in bus, train, taxi and flight. Items such as seats, handles, and bags are frequently touched. We also have to stand in line for security checkups. People can also maintain a distance of 6 feet on public transport if they wish.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidelines on travel on public transport. Accordingly, the use of masks while traveling can reduce the risk of corona infection by up to 50%. The CDC emphasizes that all passengers must wear a mask. It is necessary not only for passengers, but also for public transport operators and crew-members.

What's new in the CDC's new guidelines?

When people travel to airports, bus-stations, railway stations, seaports and metros, people remove the mask by mouth or nose, which can be dangerous.
People should wear a mask that covers both the mouth and nose while traveling. Don't be loose anywhere.
People should not forget to wear masks when they are going out of the house for a while.
People who manage public transport should decide not to allow people to travel without masks.
Passengers working in passenger and transport should always wear a mask while traveling.
Travel without a mask should only be allowed under special circumstances.

What are the new guidelines for transport operators?
Public transport operators should ensure that people wear masks when boarding and alighting on a train, bus or flight. With these 7 things in mind, transport operators can make passengers follow the rules of the mask accurately.

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Who can be allowed not to wear a mask?
Public transport operators may allow some people not to wear masks. However, this exemption can be decided at the discretion of the operators, government guidelines, and special permission.

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