JioPages – Safe, Fast and Powerful Web Browser Apps

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JioPages gives a personalized & secure web browsing experience. With this Indian browser, you can now customize your home screen, bookmark websites in Incognito mode, and secure it with a pin.

JioPages is truly Indian at heart. You can now choose to browse in your preferred regional language, pin regional sites to home screen & receive news updates in preferred language to stay updated.

JioPages - Safe, Fast and Powerful Web Browser Apps

Highlights of JioPages

• Personalized home screen:
1) Customize ‘Quick links’ for quick access to your favorite sites on the browser’s home page.
2) ‘Informative Cards’ for live updates on topics of your choice. JioPages is one of its kind mobile browsers which gives you access to the information of your interest, at your fingertips.
3) Choose which theme to browse in or simply switch to ‘Dark Mode’ for a comfortable view.

• Browse in your regional language:
2) Access popular regional sites across categories & add them to your home screen
3) Newsfeeds in regional language: Stay updated with local, national, and international events.

 Mode:• Uninterrupted Browsing

1) Download Manager: Auto categorization of downloaded files on the basis of file type – Image, Video, Document, Pages. 
2) QR code scanner & Voice search: Access websites by scanning QR code or simply saying the keywords by pressing the mic button.
3) Landscape View: Experience highly optimized view while streaming videos & playing games with a sharp focus on personalization and localization for Indian users. We at Jio Platforms Ltd. 

We’d love your feedback! Drop us a line at feedback.jiopages@gmail.com

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