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Monday, 19 October 2020

Navratri costume business worth Rs 200 crore stalled this year, garment sector alone loses 60-70%

Navratri Economy: Navratri costume business worth Rs 200 crore stalled this year, garment sector alone loses 60-70%

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If the ban on Garba disappoints the players, the state's garment and accessories business will also suffer a huge loss.

Many traders in Ahmedabad had already stockpiled goods worth Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh before the Gujarat government banned public Garba events during Navratri this year. But today the situation is that the purchaser of these goods is not inert. Merchants put goods online for sale. 

People inquire but do not buy. Some traders say that this is not even a business worth a thousand rupees. According to experts and traders, garment traders in Gujarat spend more than Rs 200 crore on Navratri.

 In Ahmedabad alone, the readymade garments business is worth Rs 30 crore. This year, it is time to sell Chania Choli at a free price with Garba postponed.

Anil Darji, who trades with Ranma Hazira in Ahmedabad, says there is no business in Navratri this year due to the Corona epidemic. Generally, there are 7 lakh or more businesses in Navratri. While this time no one comes to take the courage to prepare goods worth Rs 2 lakh, only inquire online. 

Another trader said that the Navratri trade used to cover the entire year's expenses but this year it has also become difficult to deduct those expenses.

 There are many customers who spend 50-60 thousand rupees on master costumes and accessories but there are no such customers at this time.

Designers say their export business is the biggest this year. Gujaratis living abroad have received the highest number of orders this year. 

In which more people have chosen to buy Chaniya Choli of Kutchi and Semi Kutchi's work. Now, look at the accessories business. 

For nine days in Navratri, people preferred to buy jewelry made from oxidized and textiles. This jewelry can be worn in traditional outfits other than Navratri. While the garment business is down by 60 to 70 percent, the condition of accessories traders is also dire.

Earlier, a customer used to spend Rs 50,000-60,000 on Chaniya Choli-Kedia.

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This is how flower accessories are set.
Handwork costumes are expensive. Even in that, a patch of work done in a dupatta costs Rs. 5000. The less work you do or the more work you do, the higher the costing. So a necklace set costs Rs 5,000. If the side closures, handles, hand and foot reachs, nathini, boots, tiko, etc., the price starts from 8000.

The turnover of chania choli trade in Ahmedabad alone is Rs. 5 crore

. Then comes Manekchok and Rani's Hazira. Chaniya corsets have been sold here for years. It may be mentioned that the cancellation of Navratri planning this year has hit the sales of Navratri market traders in Ahmedabad by Rs 5 crore. As many as 100 traders selling chania choli in Ahmedabad's Low-Garden area are currently facing a downturn.

Chaniya corset 8 to 15 thousand, handwork more if 25 thousand
We have been making handicraft outfits for the last many years. In which we prepare Chania Choli of Kutchi and Semi Kutchi work. 

The price of this Chania Choli starts from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000. But if more handwork is to be done, 25 thousand is also done. This time more exports have been made to Delhi and Mumbai than to Gujarat. We start handicraft work with 50 artisans. There has been a 30 to 40 percent decline this year. - Yogita and Meghal Patel, Megh Craft, Artisan Designer

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People usually spend Rs 6,000 to get a Kedia on Navratri instead of Rs 35,000 just for Kedia and the whole set of Chaniya Choli with accessories is made at Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. No order has been received this year as there is no market. There was an inquiry but they were also waiting for the government's guideline. - Through Raghika, Customized Designer

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