Permission required for Navra (Tri) celebration required

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Permission required for Navra (Tri) celebration required:Police permission is also required for one hour Aarti-puja in society-flat in Navratri, social distance and marking is mandatory.

The chairman or secretary of the society must apply in writing to the local police station
Failure to take permission will result in breach of declaration

The Navratri festival is starting from next Saturday. Garba has not been given permission by the state government this year due to the Koro epidemic. Only pooja and aarti can be performed for one hour, for which permission of the police has been made mandatory. Marking is also mandatory for social distance in society and flats in an hour-long Aarti and Pooja program.

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Compulsory marking of 6 feet for Navratri Puja-Aarti Compulsory
Commissioner of Police Sanjay Srivastava in an exclusive conversation with DivyaBhaskar said that Garba has not been given permission. The one-hour program requires maintaining social distance when people gather for arti-puja in society and flats. Marking of 6 feet distance is mandatory for social distance at Aarti's place. People have to follow the mask and other guidelines of Corona.

Permission will not be taking action against the breach notification
Navratri Garba did not take planned this year, but each flat will have to pray and seek permission from Society and Society at the Society's letter to the chairman and the secretary, which is mandatory for police permission to worship the one-hour program. 

This application must be made to the local police station. Guidelines will also be given by the police. The issuance of this permission has started from today at the local police station. The society which did not take permission for the one-hour Aarti and Pooja program will be prosecuted for violating the declaration.

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