Shocking case in China

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Shocking case in China: Doctors removed a bunch of 20 live worms from the patient's eye, which had been in the eye for over a year, and the surgery was finally successful.

  • Doctors claim that worms reached the eye of this Chinese man through flies
  • Parasitic worms found in patients are commonly found in dogs and cats

A shocking case has come up in China. A mass of worms has been found in the eye of a 60-year-old patient. All those worms were alive. Doctors removed 20 live worms from the eyelids. The patient went to the doctor for advice a few months ago after experiencing strange movements in the eyes. Here came this shocking thing during the surgery. The patient was feeling tired

According to Chinese media reports, these live worms had been in the patient's eye for about a year. The patient felt something strange in the eye. He felt that this was happening because of fatigue. When the doctors examined his eyes, it turned out that there was a bunch of small worms under his left eyelid.

Worms reach the eye during outdoor workouts

  • Doctors who removed the worms believe that the worms found in the eyelids contained larvae. The patient's name is Van. He is very fond of sports activities. These worms got into the patient’s eye while the patient was doing an outdoor workout. Gradually the patient's condition worsened and when he could not bear it, he went to Suzhou Municipal Hospital in eastern China for examination.
  • The patient told the doctor he had been feeling something sticking in his eye for the last one year.
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Insects reached the eyes by flies
Shi Ting says the patient may have been bitten by flies. Worms reach the eye by flies. The surgery has been successful and the patient is recovering after the worms have been removed.
The worm belongs to the genus Thalegia calipeda, which is known to spread eye infections. This parasitic worm is commonly found in dogs and cats.

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