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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Started at the age of 79. Tea spice business, getting 800 orders daily, started from WhatsApp group

Today's positive news: Started at the age of 79. Tea spice business, getting 800 orders daily, started from WhatsApp group

79 years old, but does the spice mixing himself. They say the whole test changes if anything less happens.

Kokilaben Parekh, 79, of Santacruz-West, Mumbai, comes from a Gujarati family.
Kokilaben has been making tea spices at home for years, son-in-law plans business in lockdown

Kokila Parekh is 79 years old. Lives in Santacruz-West, Mumbai. He has been serving his special tea to the guests at home for years. Those who drink tea ask what is put in it.

 In the lockdown, if the son and daughter-in-law were at home, he planned whether the test of the mother's hand should not be spread all over the world. 

This is how the business of selling tea spices started from home. Within a month, 700 to 800 orders a day were received. Read Kokila Parekh's success story ...

Relative, the Friends were for free at
the Kokilaben say that I am a resident of Ahmedabad. Settled in Mumbai after marriage. Tea must be added to the Gujarati family. In our house, tea spice has been made for generations. After coming to Mumbai, I used to make spices here too. We used to give free spices to many relative, family friends. Some people even came to get spices.

Kokilaben Parekh has been making tea spice for years, but never before had he thought of launching it commercially.

In the lockdown, they say, son Tushar was working from home. One day a conversation came up about why this tea spice should not be commercialized. 

Son and daughter-in-law Preeti took on the responsibility of packaging, designing and delivering spices to the vendor. I just had to prepare a good spice. We thought what was wrong with trying.

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Posting on the WhatsApp group

we planned all this in September and prepared more spices in the first week of October. The daughter-in-law and son put up a post about spices in the WhatsApp group. Those who took it in advance were also told that we have started commercial production. 

You can order if you wish. We got a good response from the post. By the end of September, 250 orders per day had been reached. Neither promoted nor advertised anywhere. Just forwarded the message to WhatsApp group and family friends.

Kokilaben says, “I am very happy that my spice test is now reaching many people.

He says, "Mouth Publicity started getting orders from Mumbai as well as Gurgaon, Delhi, Ahmedabad. I kept a helper when the order increased, but I still do the spice mixing. The daughter-in-law took over all the production work and the son took over the work associated with the order. Now 700 to 800 orders a day are being received. We are delivering spices directly to the house by courier. This spice not only enhances the test, but also improves immunity and digestion.

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Says daughter- in- law Preeti who worked on packaging and people- Mother was very happy when we told her that Masala is about to launch a commercial. They were happy that their spices would go all over the country. We did a lot of work on the packaging and logo before the commercial launch. Chose an airtight packet for packing, so that the spices do not spoil and the smell does not go away.

Read in Gujarati news 

Initially, he said, he was using a regular mixer grinder, but as production increased, he bought a commercial mixing unit. We have registered our company under the name Katie Chai Masala. Work is still going on from home, but will soon start a small commercial unit, from where everything will work. Working through distributorship. Orders are coming from Srinagar to Andaman without any publicity.

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