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Thursday, 15 October 2020

Unlock-5 from today:The multiplex will open after 7 months; Only half the seats will be booked, not the same time for a show to start and en

Unlock-5 will take effect today. The prevalence of exemptions in the country is increasing. It now includes cinema halls, multiplexes, entertainment parks, swimming pools outside the entertainment zone. Guidelines for Unlock-5 were issued on 30 September.

Find out what's going to open up.

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1. Multiplex The
government has allowed the opening of multiplexes and cinema halls with physical distance in seating arrangement. 

Multiplexes may open in Gujarat from October 17. The Goa government has given permission to open cinema halls, but theater owners have said they will not do so as there are no new films. Let's understand how multiplex will be unlocked by 6 questions in two infographics ...

2. Entertainment Park
will also be able to open from today under Unlock-5. The guidelines say cleaning and sanitation will be required before and after the park opens. In addition, it should be done whenever the time comes. There should be a separate dustbin for used masks and face covers. The swimming pools in these parks will still be closed.

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Constant cleaning of water in the water park should be taken care of. Adequate number of security personnel should be deployed outside and inside the parks to maintain lines and social distance. It is very important to take care of the crowd management. Adequate number of ticket booths and increased online bookings.

3. Swimming Pool The
swimming pool will also be open from today. According to the SOP issued for this, a maximum of 20 swimmers can take training at a time in a swimming pool the size of a pool used in the Olympics. However, the swimmer will have to sign a declaration for the same. Residential swimmers are required to submit a negative report of Covid-19.

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The 4 School
Centers have told the states that they will be able to take a decision on opening schools for children of different classes from October 15. For this they will set a date and create their own separate SOP. Most states, including Delhi and Maharashtra, have decided to close schools. While in Punjab from today Std. The school will be open for children from 9 to 12. The school will open in Uttar Pradesh from October 19.

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